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Best Computer Repair Companies in Montana

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Old Town Computers

We are experts in fixing both portable and stationary computers. In the absence of a catastrophic failure, older machines can be used for some time. Instead of replacing your machine, an upgrade is usually the best option. We provide all of the latest versions of Windows and Anti-virus software on our reconditioned desktops and laptops for sale. Launched in June of 1983, Old Town Computers has been providing its services ever since.


Visit our store in Bozeman, Montana, and one of our experts will assist you, no appointment is necessary. We can’t have you here, can we? More specifically, we have nearly 600 service vans that can travel to you.

Our Bozeman, Montana shop has a team that can fix your gadgets and helps you with any other tech issues you may have. Feeling confused as to the nature of the problem plaguing your gadget? We will provide a free diagnosis.

Most repairs can be completed in 45 minutes or less when customers come to our store in Bozeman, Montana. The repairs are guaranteed for a year.

Laptop Repair Services – Polson MT

Having been in the business for over a decade, I am extremely proud of the work that I have done. We are a family run business that strives to earn the trust of our customers for the long haul by satisfying them with our reliable services and our unwavering integrity. Our company is well-known for its dependability, excellent communication, honesty, and service to customers.

To the best of our abilities, we will continue to update you on the progress of your project and our knowledge of it. As much as possible, we will accommodate your busy schedule when serving you as a customer. We’re excited to begin our partnership with you.

Bev The Geek

Bev The Geek has quickly established itself as Western Montana’s premier provider of remote and onsite computer assistance to individuals and small businesses. We place a premium on the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. Its remote support services outperform in-home service alternatives in terms of customer satisfaction, speed, convenience, effectiveness, cost, and security because they make use of the latest innovations in remote desktop technology.

Summit Computer Systems

Summit Computer Systems, located in Missoula, Montana, takes great pride in addressing the unique requirements of each of our clients.


Affordable and Quick PC Service. When it comes to computers, we remove all the hassles you might encounter. If it has to do with computers in any way, we can assist you. We are experts in retrieving lost data, fixing computers, establishing and troubleshooting networks, providing on-site instruction, and more. We also offer free use of one of our computers if yours will be in our shop for an extended period.


Cellairis is dedicated to developing high-quality, socially-beneficial products that extend the useful lifespan of your electronic devices. The Cellairis team has raised the bar, so you can always count on more.

Our mission is to design and manufacture a wide variety of high-quality, stylish, and functional accessories for your smartphones and tablets. Whether you shop with us online or at one of our state-of-the-art retail locations in North America, South America, or Europe, we promise to treat you like family every time. Cellairis is dedicated to making useful, long-lasting, and socially responsible products for your electronics. Get used to more from Cellairis.


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