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Best Health Insurance Agencies In Missouri

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Arch Brokerage Inc.

Since its inception in 1969, Arch Brokerage, Inc. has been a privately held and operated insurance brokerage. Providing a variety of insurance services, it aids St. Louis residents in obtaining health coverage for themselves and their families.

PPO, HMO, POS, and HSA are all types of such plans. It also facilitates the application process for medical insurance policies such as those covering long-term care, vision, dental, and travel. Additionally, Arch Brokerage offers Medicare and other health insurance plans for their employees.

Bene’ – Kelly Insurance Agency

Those living in St. Louis and need of medical coverage can turn to Bene’ – Kelley Insurance Agency. Its agents help customers understand their various plan options, including their coverage, monthly premiums, benefits, insurance provider networks, and deductibles.

In addition, they aid clients in arranging life insurance policies to safeguard their families against monetary hardships. In addition, you can use them for both commercial and private insurance policies. Bene’ – Kelley Insurance Agency has worked in the industry for over 60 years, and they are partners with Allied Insurance, Anthem Insurance, Foremost Insurance, and Safeco Insurance.

Comprehensive Benefits

Comprehensive Benefits is a local insurance agency serving St. Louis residents. Plans for hospital indemnity are available, and they can be used to cover the costs of things like ambulance rides, daily hospital stays, outpatient surgery, shorter hospital stays, and even observation.

In addition, it offers Medicare insurance options like Medigap, Advantage, and Part D. Since its founding in 2014, Comprehensive Benefits has grown to employ more than 30 insurance agents and provide services to more than 10,000 satisfied customers.

Crosspointe Insurance Advisors

A St. Louis-based risk management firm, Crosspointe Insurance Advisors provides services to local businesses and institutions. Health insurance is just one of many products that it focuses on. Agents on staff can advise customers on Medicare Supplement, Medicare Prescription Drugs, and Medicare Advantage plans that augment Original Medicare.

Insurance companies like Anthem and Aetna are combed through so that clients can find the best possible coverage. Drew started working in the insurance industry in 2005, and three years later he founded Crosspointe Insurance Advisors.

Douglas & Associates Insurance Agency

For over 25 years, Douglas & Associates Insurance Agency has served the St. Louis community’s personal and commercial insurance needs. It is an independent insurance agency, so it can offer its clients health and life insurance policies that are tailored to their specific needs and budgets.

Automobile, boat, condo, and umbrella insurance are just some of the supplementary policies offered. Commercial insurance policies offer businesses the same opportunity for added security that is available to employers.

Evelyn Jamison

In St. Louis and the surrounding areas, Evelyn Jamison represents State Farm insurance policyholders and policyholders from businesses. She provides comprehensive risk management services, including insurance for people, places, and things.

There are home, auto, property, and commercial policies available from Jamison. She also helps customers with their banking requirements. The native of St. Louis has worked in the insurance industry there since 2001. Her credentials include “Fellow, Life Underwriter Training Council.”

MB health

St. Louis and its surrounding areas are served by MB health, an independent health insurance agency. Their health insurance policies are geared toward sole proprietors, small businesses, families, and those with dependents. It provides a variety of insurance options in addition to health plans, including life, dental, vision, auto, and vacation coverage.

The agency provides consultation, management, and implementation services to help clients develop unique insurance strategies. Cigna, Anthem, and Principal Financial Group are just some of the providers it can tap into.

MGI Risk Advisors

Since its founding in 1981, MGI Risk Advisors has been providing St. Louisans with affordable health insurance options. This Keystone affiliate is home to a group of seasoned insurance agents. They advise customers on the best ways to save money on medical, dental, vision, and critical illness insurance.

The firm offers both short-term and long-term disability plans to its customers because it knows that having a solid insurance policy can mean the difference between living freely and living in fear.

Naeger Family Insurance

St. Louis and its surrounding areas are served by The Naeger Family Ins Agencies, LLC, a full-service insurance agency owned and operated by a local family. Insurance policies for individuals, families, and businesses are all available.

As a bonus, it also offers supplemental insurance policies, such as those for workers’ compensation, recreational vehicles and trailers, commercial rental properties, seasonal homes, and renters. Brad Naeger, the company’s founder, entered the insurance industry in 2000.


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