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What’s up? Hello, my name is Megan, and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to discuss you and your educational goals with you.

At Seton Hall University, where I earned my magna cum laude degree in 2016, my concentrations were in philosophy and international relations, with a minor in Asian studies. Classes that encouraged me to speak up were among my favorites in undergrad. I was greatly influenced by the educators who drilled into us the importance of finding one’s voice and being heard, and I intend to impart this attitude of empowerment to the pupils I guide.

My first post-university job was as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Kinmen, Taiwan. English as a second language was a wonderful opportunity for me to work directly with elementary school pupils, and I enjoyed teaching both whole-class lessons and giving one-on-one lessons to students.

Furthermore, I just finished law school, where I won accolades for both oral and writing advocacy as well as for public speaking. I helped my fellow law students with their public speaking and writing competitions. As part of my employment, I’ve volunteered at legal clinics where I’ve taught people how to navigate the often confusing landscape of their rights. As a tutor, my goal is to help you develop these skills so that you can tackle challenging material with confidence and ease.


I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea where to begin when I began the college application process. Immediately after our first meeting, I felt more confident and inspired. I couldn’t have written this essay without Razi’s assistance at every stage, from coming up with ideas to final editing. Because of his help, both my Common Application essay and my supplement essay turned out well.

His comments were always insightful, and he pushed me to develop my writing skills by encouraging me to tell stories and highlight previously unnoticed characteristics in my pieces. When compared to my other credentials and the applicant pool as a whole, I firmly believe that my writings were the deciding factor in my acceptance to UVA. I owe so much to Razi for helping me get into my top-choice university.


Insufficient superlatives exist to describe Michaela. My son has severe autism, and his conduct has always been a barrier to uncovering his true potential. To my knowledge, she is the only person who has been able to spend two hours with him without getting frustrated or angry for a very long time.

Instead, she works on changing his attitudes and behaviors so that he can demonstrate his knowledge and contribute. I cherish her very much and could never let her go. All I ask is that many people have the compassion to see my son beyond his autism. We appreciate everything you’ve done, Michaela.

Hi! Hello, my name is Michaela. Over the past five years, I’ve been working as a private tutor in the fields of mathematics and science, and I have a Bachelor of Science in Computational Applied and Mathematics with a concentration in Mathematical Biology from the College of William and Mary. I worked for the city of Round Rock’s adaptive camp, a summer program for kids with disabilities before I went to university.

ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, and General Learning Disabilities were all listed under this category. Being exposed to the fact that not all students have the same learning style taught me a lot about patience. Not until I studied algebra II as a sophomore did I finally start to get it, and now I hope to share that “Aha!” moment with other students so that they, too, may see the value and even the beauty in mathematics.


Someone who specializes in creating legal content for the online, with experience at law firms, independent websites, and periodicals. Seeking a position as a legal writer for a reputable company, whether it be a law firm, corporation, or editorial firm.

Capable of writing for both internal and external purposes. Skilled at distilling complex ideas into clear, compelling writing. Skilled in composing across a wide variety of legal specialties. Continually strives for perfection in terms of investigation and verification. Regarding due dates, you are always on time. Familiar with SEO-recommended practices, WordPress, and Copyscape. Competent both on their alone and in a team setting; they can think on their feet and quickly adjust to new situations.

As a paralegal specializing in IP law, I also have extensive expertise in conducting trademark and patent searches, drafting patent applications, registering trademarks, and submitting copyrights.


Although fiction is my forte, I’ve also dabbled in poetry, nonfiction, comics, and screenwriting. My language skills and my capacity to convincingly adopt other authors’ voices are my strongest assets. Several smaller journals and literary magazines have published or will publish my work. After having an excerpt of my work published in The Write Launch, I was nominated for a Pushcart Prize last year.

Collaboration is a strength of mine, and I also appreciate providing constructive, individual criticism. Having been a classroom instructor in the past, I am also well-versed in the art of lesson plan development. When I write, research is always an integral part of the process, no matter what I’m working on.

When it comes to writing and editing, I always provide 110%. I am a quick-to-respond, considerate collaborator who is always looking for new methods to improve the quality of our joint efforts. In my position as a sole proprietor, I can keep open lines of communication with my customers and set my hours.



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