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Best Veterinarian In Mississippi

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Lakeview Animal Hospital

D’Iberville, Mississippi is home to Lakeview Animal Hospital, a full-service veterinary clinic that provides a wide range of care for pets, including wellness exams, vaccinations, boarding, hospitalization, laboratory testing, digital x-rays/ultrasound, and surgical treatments.

We are a modern veterinary hospital committed to giving you and your pet the best treatment possible. The services provided by Dr. Michael Sheffield and his staff are crucial in the flourishing of pets. We are committed to showing compassion in all of our encounters and keeping up with the latest innovations in the veterinary field through our commitment to lifelong learning. We not only take excellent care of your dogs, but we also back you up as a carer.

For four years as of this writing (! ), D’Iberville, Mississippi has been home to Lakeview Animal Hospital. No matter if your pet is here for routine vaccines, surgery, or boarding while you’re on vacation, we know how vital it is for them to feel at ease. We put in a lot of effort to ensure that your pet has a pleasant experience here. We’re pleased with our kid-friendly waiting area, consultation room, private cat boarding rooms, kennels for both small and large dogs, an isolation ward for surgical patients, and other facilities.

Dr. Sheffield acquired his veterinary degree from the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine after earning a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science from the University of Southern Mississippi with a chemistry minor. Since completing veterinary school, Dr. Sheffield has been employed with Rehm Animal Clinic in Mobile, Alabama,

where he provides emergency and critical care for pets. His areas of expertise include abdominal ultrasonography, orthopedic surgery, and the treatment of soft tissues in animals. Dr. Sheffield remained an active community volunteer during his time in Mobile, helping to raise over $2500 to buy books and stuffed dogs for children being treated at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital.

He also did extensive work with the Animal Rescue Foundation, taking care of a wide variety of the organization’s stray and abandoned animals. In addition to the AVMA, he is a member of the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association. He is an avid outdoorsman and a lifelong New Orleans Saints supporter. They have eight fur babies, and Dr. Sheffield is engaged to his fiancee, Kristy.

The Pet Clinic

All of the animals at The Pet Clinic are given the same loving care that we would provide to one of our own. I assure you of that. We are here for you and your pet through every stage of care, from preventative medicine to emergency treatment.

Dr. Mozzie Parker, a native of Biloxi, earned her veterinary degree from Mississippi State University in 1990. Both the Mississippi State Bar and the Alabama State Bar have issued her licenses to practice law. She is a former president of the South Mississippi Medical Association and an active member of both the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Parker, the clinic’s proprietor, opened The Pet Clinic in Woolmarket in September 2001. She has a keen eye for diagnosis and extensive knowledge of internal medicine. She aspires to meet the specific needs of each patient and owner by customizing treatment plans and implementing preventative measures. Dr. Parker is dedicated to staying at the forefront of his field and regularly attends continuing education seminars to learn about innovative new approaches to veterinary medicine.

Northwood Hills Animal Hospital

We are a full-service animal hospital committed to building lasting relationships with our clients through open lines of communication, empathy, thorough education, and cooperative problem-solving. We offer prescription foods, specific skin and ear care products, and monthly heartworm and flea preventatives in addition to our veterinary services, as well as boarding for your pet’s convenience. If you’re curious about why we do what we do, we invite you to visit us and find out more.

We have been serving the Gulf Coast of Mississippi since 1984, and we are honored to be among the many excellent veterinary hospitals in the area. We know there are many other area clinics where your pet may receive top-notch care, so we work extra hard to win your trust and establish a lasting relationship with you and your furry friend. One person, one pet.

That’s why we don’t practice conventional, one-size-fits-all veterinary medicine. We take into account not just your breed of pet, but also your way of life and the surrounding surroundings. For the “big picture” of your pet’s existence, his or her personal story is vital, but so are yours, your lifestyle, and your environment. All of this and more goes into the care plans we create for your pet partner.

Fur Baby’s Veterinary Hospital

A reliable vet is easy to find whether you live in Biloxi or the nearby area. Licensed in the state of Mississippi, Drs. Jason Gulas and Alice Xenachis care for animals of all shapes and sizes. We place a premium on the safety and well-being of your dogs and will go to any length to ensure that they receive the treatment they require.

When you need emergency care or routine medical, surgical, or dental treatment for your pet, you can count on Fur Baby’s Veterinary Hospital to be there for you 24/7. Both Dr. Jason Gulas and Dr. Alice Xenachis have years of experience caring for pets, and they manage both emergencies and ongoing preventative treatment. In addition to providing top-notch veterinary care, our Biloxi facility is designed to be a soothing environment where your pet can wait in comfort before seeing our doctor.

Dr. Jason has always had a passion for caring for all kinds of animals. He was raised on a small farm by his family, where he was exposed to a variety of manual labor and learned many useful skills at an early age. We bought the building that currently houses Fur Baby, and he remodeled the entire inside to make it more to his taste. He appreciates being of service to both animals and humans at any stage of their development. He is an excellent instructor who can inform patients about a wide range of diseases and disorders.



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