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I recently completed the application process, including those to highly competitive universities like those in the Ivy League. All of the colleges I applied to accepted me, but ultimately I decided to attend Yale. I am aware of the nitty-gritty details that will set your application apart. I am a Questbridge Scholar, which means I have been awarded a full scholarship to Yale University, and I also have experience consulting and applying for scholarships.

I have a perfect score on the ACT reading section, a wealth of knowledge in the humanities, and experience teaching writing to a wide range of pupils. I’ve been accepted to study humanities at Yale, which will help me grow in this field.

The college applications essay is simultaneously the most interesting and challenging part of the process. It’s not comparable to a standardized test score or a GPA from high school. My services are unique because I am familiar with the procedure from a recent perspective and because my essay-writing talents helped me get a full scholarship to study at Yale University this upcoming academic year. Anyone who is studying with me may expect in-depth, individual essay consultations from me. Their growth will be so remarkable by the time I am done with my services that they will be astounded.


For anyone looking for an English tutor, I have extensive experience in all four areas mentioned above. No matter the age range, I’ve got you covered.

In addition, I have a passion for learning new languages and have dabbled in Hebrew, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian (for 8 years, 5 years, 4 years, and 1 year respectively). Currently, I am learning Spanish, and I would love to assist you if you are at the A1 or A2 proficiency level.

I’ve always loved putting my thoughts down on paper, whether for fun or school. I joined the debate club in high school to refine my ability to present an argument persuasively on paper, and I took five different English Literature/Writing related classes in college to hone my ability to write creatively and analytically.

I enjoy being a tutor because it allows me to encourage and inspire students while also ensuring that they receive the necessary academic and vocational guidance. Having been in your shoes as a student not so long ago, I can attest to the priceless insight a fresh viewpoint can bring to a sticky situation.

Please feel free to contact me via this forum if you are a student or parent interested in scheduling a session or learning more about my experience and availability. I hope to hear back from you soon!


My daughter is a bright young lady, but she struggles to maintain concentration on her assignments due to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I finally had to resort to using Wyzant to locate Madeline after numerous failed attempts to persuade her into doing her pile of overdue assignments. That woman was a gift from above.

Madeline instantly clicked with my daughter; it was remarkable to observe how they shared a common language, how Madeline nudged and encouraged her to focus, and how together they laid out a clear but not daunting strategy.

My daughter had the opportunity to wrap up any outstanding assignments and conclude the school year. She was proud of herself not only for her accomplishments but also for her ability to stay on task and complete lengthy endeavors. This made my day. Eventually, we will get back in touch.


Our daughter applied to around twenty colleges, and Jonathan assisted her with her application essays. Over several months, he met with her once a week to help her come up with an approach to each application, discuss ideas for content, create rough draughts, polish final versions, and proofread final copies for that missed comma that is so easy to overlook.

We would have been lost without Jonathan’s help throughout this whole thing. He has a wealth of knowledge, is adept at dealing with teenagers, and offers invaluable guidance. I would strongly suggest him to anyone who needs help writing an A+ paper.


Curt here, a highly qualified instructor for high school kids in the areas of standardized test preparation, college application essays, and other academic subjects. Years ago, while I was a Harvard Ph.D. candidate in comparative literature, I started working as an SAT/ACT tutor. With several years of expertise as a university professor and my own positive experience with standardized examinations, I reasoned that I might be able to offer some useful advice to students currently preparing for the exams.

I have expertise teaching students with learning challenges including ADHD and Executive Function Disorder, and I enjoy working with children of all ages and skill levels. There is no foolproof method to being a good tutor. I am confident that I could be an excellent tutor for you since I have an extensive understanding of the subject matter, excellent communication skills, and a genuine interest in seeing you succeed.

Since I spend my days as a high school English teacher, I am currently only accessible for lessons after school and on weekends; however, I am willing to travel to the Denver area or meet students online from anywhere in the world. Send me a message, and I’ll help you design a plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and expedites your progress toward your objectives. Get in touch with me by leaving a comment or sending a message.



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