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Best Voice Actors in Michigan

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Emily S.

A dedicated content creator who is also highly motivated, organized, and imaginative. Dedicated to building lasting connections with each client, with an eye for both the big picture and the finer details. My love of photography and the art of visual storytelling compels me to constantly educate myself and seek out new sources of motivation.

With over 8 years of experience in the media industry, I help clients in the greater Lansing area with video production, video shooting and editing, photography, and other digital media and marketing projects.

Ben M.

Someone who can act, tell stories and stand out from the crowd. The professional voice actor does not belong to a union. I put smiles on faces for a living by delivering engaging and effective presentations on time and within budget.

The speed with which I can complete projects, the quality of the audio I produce, and my ability to read a wide variety of scripts are the main reasons why my clients hire me.

I have done everything from animated corporate presentations to heartfelt character reads, but my forte is in commercials, narration, and e-learning/explainers. The way I sound is comforting, familiar, funny, surprising, and easy to listen to.

I am easily accessible throughout the project, asking pertinent questions, drawing upon my extensive background in the audio industry, and giving voice to your ideas so that you get the results you want. A voice booth is used for all recordings to ensure high-quality, noise-free sound. Audio production services tailored to each project are included in every agreement.

You can trust us with your next corporate or industrial narration, commercial, medical video, interactive voice response (IVR) phone system or on-hold message production, training or tutorial video, animation or video game voice-over, documentary voice-over, explainer video, or eLearning course of any type.

Michael B.

In addition to doing voice work for Rockstar Games like “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories,” “Bully,” “Grand Theft Auto 4,” and “Red Dead Redemption,” I’ve hosted daily radio shows for the past 20 years. Recently, I’ve been working as a voice actor on Upwork, and my credits include narrating a series of upcoming World Poker Tour Bootcamp videos. Moreover, I have just completed the narration of my twelfth audiobook for Audible/Amazon.

I just landed a 2-year TV and radio buy for Midcontinent Communications and recently produced an in-house social media Law Firm Branding Video for Nixon Peabody. Sony Vaio, Charter Cable, Taco John’s, Buckeye Cable, Kerasotes Movie Theaters, a Convergys sales project, two MetLife business videos, a state Department of Transportation TV/Radio & Web buy, a Cellular One spot, and a series of TV & Radio ads for Ellis Park are just a few of our recent clients.

Gary H.

Hello! I have worked as a video actor and a voice actor, and I enjoy both roles. I am a seasoned professional and can assist you with any voice-over video acting needs you have. My voice can be heard in two movies, one of which is streaming on Netflix right now.

I am adaptable and can work on a wide variety of projects, including commercials, trailers, instructional and training videos, and even phone systems. I have a home recording studio where I can quickly and efficiently produce a high-quality product tailored to your specifications.

Leanna S.

I am a talented actress and voice artist who is reliable, thorough, on time, and great at following instructions. It would be a privilege to put in my best effort for your company. Commercials, stories, industrials, audiobooks, characters, business-to-business, and more are all within my wheelhouse of experience.

In case you have any acting or voice-over requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. If given the chance, I know I can provide you with service that far exceeds your expectations as a customer.

Brian N.

I have extensive experience providing professional voice-over for narration, e-learning, and commercial purposes. My demos are uploaded to my profile’s Portfolio section. With my many 5.0 ratings and Top Rated status on Upwork, you can rest assured that you will receive professional voiceover. My home studio is equipped with high-quality audio recording gear.

Ceci L.

From my at-home studio, I create and host four daily radio programs. I’ve got a top-notch studio where I can record the sound for commercials, explainer videos, and other video projects. When you need a professional voice-over quickly, look no further than my more than 20 years of experience in radio and production.

Deja N.

Same-day turnaround for audiobooks up to 35,000 words; I do not use artificial intelligence. On competing platforms, my translation and voiceover services have received rave reviews. Before launching my website, I made the conscious decision to network with a wider range of potential customers. I’m a multi-talented artist who records voiceovers, translates, models and writes. I have over a decade of experience in the industry overall, and six years of experience in voiceovers specifically. Awaiting for the opportunity to create magic.

Kimberly C.

Expert writer and teacher here, eager to put my experience to work boosting your brand’s visibility online. By providing your company with expertly written content and audio voice-over, I can help you achieve success in driving sales and increasing customer engagement thanks to my creativity and wit. I have been writing professionally and academically for over 15 years and have been teaching for over 6, so I can make sure that your brand’s message is conveyed clearly and effectively to a wide range of audiences.

Let me assist you in educating your clientele, expanding your customer base, and promoting the sale of your goods and services. Professionally mastered and edited audio and video content in support of instructional materials, product promotion, and advertising are among my many areas of expertise in the audio/video recording industry. Web content writing that is both creative and informative, such as landing pages and promotional materials. Web content, magazine articles, blog posts, print ads, brochures, internal documents, and standard operating procedures are all examples of copywriting.


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