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Revision of Application Essays: Both Harvard University and Harvard Law School (1998) and I have advanced degrees (2002). I also have experience as an interviewer, having graduated from Harvard (2005-2007 – before I started consulting students privately). When I was a Harvard graduate, I conducted interviews with high school kids to determine their chances of being accepted to Harvard based on their unique skills and experiences.

Since then, I have instituted stringent record-keeping procedures about the educational institutions into which my customers have been accepted. From 2008-2020, a staggering 97.2% of my clients were accepted to their top-choice institution(s). I have extensive knowledge of elite universities such as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale as well as prominent technical institutions like Stanford, MIT, and Caltech.

Yet I am equally pleased to assist in the development of marketable admissions essays for any undergraduate or graduate program in the world for whom English is the application language. Numerous clients of mine are accepted each year as first-year students at many of the world’s most prestigious universities, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, the University of Chicago, Columbia University, MIT, Caltech, UC Berkeley, (“Cal”), and UCLA.

To top it all off, I have had a great deal of success helping my clients gain admission to prestigious law schools such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Columbia University, etc. (JD, LLM, SJD, etc.). Finally, many of my clients who apply to MBA or other business school programs each year are accepted to their top choice schools, including Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Haas, Anderson, Wharton, Sloan, and others.

For the past 13 years, I’ve served as a consultant for both students and their parents. In this post, I outline the process for submitting justifications for poor performance within a given semester. I also counsel clients on what they should tell the admissions board on test-related extenuating circumstances for the LSAT, GMAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT, and GRE.

I’m available to review and/or create your application materials. Proofread research proposals, writing samples, and personal statements in Bluebook style for candidates for the Doctor of Juridical Science degree. The appointment you’ve scheduled may double as a practice interview. I can also help with more basic editing tasks, such as incorporating in-text citations in MLA, APA, or Bluebook style. I’m able to switch between APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard citation styles as needed.

I pay close attention to detail and double-check my work to ensure it is error-free. In addition, I place a premium on original, dramatic content that stays away from the cliches found in so many application essays. Unique, impactful material that demonstrates your caring character is essential if you want to stand out. You don’t have to tangle with the left or the right to tackle divisive political issues.

To ensure that my customers’ admissions essays reflect like-minded, compliant, and well-matched applicants, I also analyze the political culture of the colleges to which they apply. If you’re a student who has a good chance of doing well on the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, or SSAT but finds yourself “running out of time,” don’t hesitate to contact me; I’d be pleased to share some helpful hints.

I also have some unique advice for pupils who routinely do worse on the actual exams than they did in their practice sessions at home. Here, I’ll break down what went wrong and how to prevent this from happening again.


I am a Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at Boston University, where I also earned a Master of Arts (M.A.) (Ph.D.). My academic specializations include Women’s and Gender Studies, American Literature, Media Studies, and Sociology.

I graduated from Union College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology (science specialization) and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English (with honors in both areas). Awards and recognitions have been bestowed upon me for my groundbreaking work in the field of women’s studies, my great writing, and my exceptional academic achievements.

I was allowed to apply, was hired, and was given extensive training to become an editor, proofreader, and tutor at Union College’s prestigious Writing Center. My senior multidisciplinary thesis, titled “The Adolescent Girl in the Postfeminist World: Rethinking the Impact of Popular Chick-Lit Fiction,” won the coveted William F. Allen (1895) Essay Prize.

Between 2011 to 2013, I participated in Teach for America’s training and service program, a highly competitive Americorps program to reduce the educational attainment gap in the United States. At the high school where I taught English in Hartford, Connecticut, I was recognized for my skills in data analysis and presentation, and I was promoted to the school’s leadership team.

As an added assignment in 2013, I was contracted to create a unique summer program for 9th-grade English. As a full-time graduate student at BU, I have kept a perfect 4.0 GPA while conducting research and writing on a wide variety of topics, from a critical analysis of religious philosophy to a market study of Comedy Central.

Between the years of 2014 and 2018, I also worked as a Teaching Fellow in higher education, focusing on subjects in the social sciences and humanities. I was responsible for assigning, editing, proofreading, and grading a wide range of papers and projects in this position. You can view samples of my academic and freelance writing in my portfolio.

I used to devour mysteries when I was a little girl. I read every Nancy Drew novel in the children’s department of the library, and by the time I was a senior in high school, my enthusiasm for reading had helped me excel in my preferred academic disciplines. I think I did well because I saw opportunities to apply my detective skills to literary and academic analysis assignments.

Each investigation began with a mystery, and I would present my findings to a “jury” comprised of my professors, peers, and readers. For this purpose, I honed my skills in concise, clear writing supported by solid evidence and references. Union College and Boston University provided me with a wealth of good instructors, and under their guidance, my writing flourished.



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