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Best Legal Marketing Firms in Maryland

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Auxilium Technology

Auxilium Technology, based in Germantown, is a digital marketing agency run by women. Marketing services tailored specifically to law firms and the unique needs of lawyers and their businesses. Experts at the firm design and develop mobile-friendly, search engine-optimized websites that attract more potential customers.

They use unique SEO methods like keyword analysis and optimization, producing content that is relevant to the industry, and link building. The use of social media by law firms is another area where Auxilium Technology has proven effective.

Broughton Partners

Broughton Partners provides legal marketing and case acquisition services to businesses and individuals in Germantown and the surrounding areas. It offers a variety of services, such as software and analytics, digital marketing, and TV marketing, to help law firms of all sizes market themselves and connect with their ideal clients.

The organization also has a call center staffed by bilingual support technicians who are available around the clock to help determine whether or not a potential client is a good fit for a law firm’s representation. The Huffington Post and Forbes, among others, have featured articles about Broughton Partners.

Manic Metrics

Manic Metrics have been an integral part of the digital PR strategy for Germantown law firms for eight years. It targets attorneys by optimizing their mobile-friendly websites with pay-per-click advertisements and search engine optimization.

It uses analytics and metrics to plot a course, track progress, and assess the efficacy of its advertising efforts. It uses Google-optimized keywords in content, map listings, and paid ads to attract more visitors and speed up page load times for existing customers. Copywriting and social media promotion are two additional services offered by Manic Metrics.

Moire Marketing Partners

The Germantown office of Moire Marketing Partners is a full-service branding and communications firm specializing in the legal industry. It offers digital marketing services, print ad design, and content creation to assist legal practices in shaping its brand.

It employs a team of strategists and internet professionals to develop brand identity and positioning campaigns, manage event communications and social media campaigns, and design brochures for specific practice areas. The AARP, George Washington University, and the CSBA are just some of the groups that the company has collaborated with.

Nova Legal Marketing

Nova Legal Marketing’s services in the Germantown area help local law firms differentiate themselves from the competition. It offers services in web design and development, including responsive layouts, e-commerce support, and social media integration.

In addition, it offers services for managing one’s online reputation and conducting search engine optimization marketing. Web designers, graphic artists, media buyers, and marketing consultants all make up the company’s staff. Over more than a decade in business, Nova Legal Marketing has honed its craft. The company has been designated as a Premier Google Partner.

Trumpet Marketing

Trumpet Marketing is a comprehensive firm in Germantown providing internet advertising services to businesses of all sizes. It has more than 20 years of experience in website design and development. When developing websites, its experts employ SEO best practices and strategic design layouts. The Jaspon Firm, a personal injury law firm, hired them to create a WordPress website from the ground up. They created SEO-friendly articles to boost client inquiries for the law firm.


ZivZo is a Germantown-based video production and advertising agency. It helps its legal clientele reach their desired demographic through a variety of marketing channels. The use of digital and physical business cards, social media, and email are all examples. Customized long and short video brochures are also available. CEO and founder Benson Fischer entered the field of video advertising in the 1980s.

Legal Marketing and Lawyer Advertising

We know that the primary objective of any legal marketing campaign is to maximize return on investment (ROI) and to capture all leads instantly, regardless of when the ads are running or when the responses are coming in. We value every lead and client prospect equally, which is why our intake specialists are instructed to sign all qualified leads immediately following the conclusion of the intake process.

An attorney or law firm can expect a substantial return on investment (ROI) from spending on legal advertising for personal injury marketing, family law marketing, mass torts, or any other type of legal advertising campaign. Your legal advertising budget will go further thanks to the targeted and individualized approach of our legal advertising services.

Here at the firm, we create a multi-pronged approach to advertising our legal services. Your law firm’s marketing strategy will likely benefit from a multi-pronged attack. So that you can maximize the return on your investment in legal marketing, we will craft effective pay-per-click campaigns, digital advertising, conversion funnels, and lead intake.

Focused Solely

Most of the millions of monthly searches conducted by the most popular search engines are made to locate nearby businesses. Why do only a fraction of businesses invest time and energy into their online presence, from designing a website to optimizing it for search engines to simply claiming their business’s online listing? Marketing lawyers and law firms are a speciality of ours, and we have years of experience in the field. If you need a new website for your law firm or want to revamp your current marketing efforts, the law firm marketing experts at MileMark Media can help, so contact us today for a consultation.


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