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She was far beyond my expectation as a writing tutor. My applications to graduate programs in speech-language pathology have recently been submitted. This software is VERY selective (25-35 spots and 400 applicants in each program.) I was able to improve greatly as an applicant because of her assistance with both editing my essays and coaching me for the interview.

I’ve gotten admitted to FIVE out of SEVEN programs I’ve tried to get into so far!! She helped me take my work from mediocre to excellent by providing me with invaluable feedback at every stage of the process, from initial concept through interview preparation. During our initial meeting, we focused completely on coming up with ideas.

Then Amy took my scribbles and made them into something real. The essays I sent in were based on my work, which had been substantially enhanced by our brainstorming session in terms of description, flow, and conciseness (which is imperative for graduate school essays.)

I was amazed at how much I was able to absorb in just one class. Her explanations are crystal clear, and she always comes ready to make the most of the hour we have together. Amy is the one to go to if you need assistance with your college application essays or your interview skills.

Sonny Marion

My strengths as a ghostwriter and editor of memoirs lie in capturing the essence of our conversations in writing, remaining true to your vision for the book, meeting all deadlines, and paying close attention to the smallest of details throughout our time together.

Clients can bring anything from an incomplete novel to an audio recording, a letter, a diary entry, medical documents, a blog post, or just an honest desire to get their story out there. I have spent countless hours on the phone with clients, sifting through their memories to find the most compelling examples to use in our marketing.

What I do best is write and edit narratives of underrepresented groups, especially those that involve survival. As a result of my clients, I have had the chance to write and edit about a wide variety of issues, such as homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, complex trauma, sexual abuse, child neglect, disability, racism, loss, immigration, and the plight of refugees.

As a result of my customers’ global presence, I have extensive expertise in writing and editing the hero’s journey and creating complicated storylines that span multiple cultures and countries. About 50% of my clients come to me for help with religious-themed works.

On my list of topics I’d like to explore in future work are infertility, aging, adoption, love/marriage, sexual orientation, and the experience of being young and unquestionably non-binary in a culture that doesn’t accept you.

I grew up on the East Coast and hence know English as a first language. New York University is where I earned my Master of Arts in journalism, where I studied TV writing and reporting under the tutelage of Emmy winners. In New York City, I interned for the public television station WNET on a program that eventually won a Peabody.

Then, I worked as a video editor for reporters and photojournalists at ABC network stations KVUE in Austin and WMAR in Baltimore for two years. In the past year, I have risen to the ranks of the top 3% of Upwork’s freelancers and earned the coveted “top-rated plus” honor badge. Having earned this badge, you may be assured that I am capable of handling demanding projects for your company.


“In this regard, David was a great asset. In other words, a rescuer! Quick, adaptable, and providing constructive criticism. Consistently high-quality work from a true expert. This book is highly suggested!!”

“Both the collaboration and the communication between David and I were excellent. He grasped the meaning of my statement, and he brought it to vivid life. He did a fantastic job at organizing my random ideas. His responses were always prompt and comprehensive. In our contract, he allowed for an unlimited number of changes. The quality of each update greatly improved. I was relieved of a lot of stress because to him; I can’t say enough good things about him.”

“David was excellent. He provided insightful criticism and adjustments in a matter of hours, even as I drew near to critical deadlines for my MBA applications. I highly suggest having David do a final proofread on all of your essay resources; he will help your writing sound much clearer and more confident. David’s wit and skill with language helped me land interviews at several top-10 universities.”

Since 1996, I’ve been working as a freelance writer, editor, and ghostwriter, so you might say I’m an old pro at this. This is not something you do on the side or as a casual occupation. No of the scope, difficulty, or focus of the assignment at hand, I always provide 110% in my work.

My work history includes both lengthy fiction and nonfiction works (such as memoirs, novels, and cookbooks) and shorter pieces (such as biographies, press releases, and resumes), with an emphasis on teamwork and personalized attention to each client.

Currently, I am the senior editor for a global PR agency, a specialist in resumes and cover letters, and a sought-after writer/editor of academic essays. Helping students and student candidates with academic materials like dissertations, theses, personal statements, declarations of purpose, and letters of reference, to name a few, has given me a global reputation as an expert in college applications essays, and academic niches.

I’ve also found success in the growing field of “Wikipedia services,” where I’ve rapidly risen to prominence as a premier Wiki writer and editor for individuals, academic institutions, and other significant entities.

To us, there is no such thing as a too-big, too-small, too-simple, or too-complicated project. What sets my abilities apart from the rest of the competition is their versatility and their ability to be molded to fit the needs of nearly any industry and individual client. When I take on a new task, I dive in headfirst and stay focused until it’s finished, even if it means doing better than expected. The most important thing is that I am eager to collaborate with my clients to give them exactly what they need.



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