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Best Gyms In Maine

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CrossFit Harpoon, York, ME

You won’t feel out of place at CrossFit Harpoon, even if you’re just starting. Anyone from a complete CrossFit newbie to a seasoned veteran would feel welcome here. In addition to workouts, the gym stresses the importance of a healthy diet and de-stressing techniques for optimal health.

Maniac Fitness, South Portland, ME

Maniac Fitness in South Portland is the best gym in town, and its motto is “The way fitness should be.” Maniac Fitness welcomes people of all fitness levels with its “positive vibe, fun programming, challenging workouts, and supportive members.” Whether you’re a seasoned CrossFitter or curious about giving it a shot, you’ll fit right in at Maniac Fitness. There is an introductory class, a class focused on conditioning and weight loss (Bodyfit), and a class dedicated to powerlifting and techniques (Maniac).

CrossFit Rising Tide, Saco, ME

Even if you’re not interested in joining, you’re more than welcome to stop by CrossFit Rising Tide for a class or even a full week. A warm and welcoming atmosphere permeates this fitness center. The coaches are top-notch; not only do they motivate their clients to improve their workouts, but they also stress the importance of good nutrition and mental health.

Misfit Gym Portland, Portland, ME

Visit Misfit Gym and give one of their free classes a try before you commit. Before becoming a member, the teams at both gyms want you to feel confident in your selection of classes, coaches, and other amenities. Their trainers come from various professional backgrounds and work to inject healthy competition into their sessions.

CrossFit Bangor, Bangor, ME

CrossFit Bangor is the city’s first CrossFit facility, and its trainers and members form a tight-knit community based on mutual support and friendly rivalry. They guarantee that anyone with the desire to make positive changes in their lives will find success in their gym.

CrossFit Undaunted, Augusta, ME

Visit CrossFit Undaunted and sign up for a class. Try out a class on the house and you’ll probably become a member. Strength and conditioning techniques from various sports, including gymnastics, weightlifting, and track and field, are combined to teach you new movement patterns that will help you become much more powerful and durable.

CrossFit Acadia, Ellsworth, ME

This tiny gym, CrossFit Acadia, packs a big punch or at least teaches its members how to. The coaches offer daily classes for beginners up to advanced athletes, all while adhering to the CrossFit methodology. In addition, they provide individual lessons for students of all skill levels.

Back Cove Personal Fitness

You could use some help sticking to a fitness routine, reaching your fitness goals, finding relief from persistent musculoskeletal pain, or simply getting some professional insight. We are excited to assist you in meeting your fitness goals by matching you with a member of our staff who has the most experience with your level of expertise, whether you are a complete fitness novice or a seasoned athlete.

We at Back Cove Personal Fitness understand that life gets in the way of your health and fitness goals, which is why we offer the flexibility to meet with you in our private Portland, ME personal training studio, at your home or the office.


Every member of World Gym Portland is a potential version of themselves waiting to be realized. We provide memberships to a gym with a variety of exercise options, including free weights, cardio machines, and more. It’s also possible to join a group fitness class, which can be a fun way to mix up your workout routine and introduce you to new people who share your interests.

And you’ll be dripping with sweat afterward. Intending to bulk up? Our weightlifting plans will guide you toward your ideal physique of strength and leanness. For those who would benefit from a more customized approach, personal trainers are also available. Get started on your fitness journey today by visiting our Portland facility.



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