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Best Business Consultants in Maine

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Elizabeth L.

I am an excellent choice for kickstarting a business or consulting endeavors. From scratch, I built two successful businesses. I’m adept at making everything from websites to business plans to social media to spreadsheets to budgets. In the past, I’ve written menus for brand-new eateries. Learning new things comes easily to me, and I excel at administrative work.

My background in writing and editing spans five years, and I have a keen eye for detail. Work I’ve edited ranges from psych reports to legal briefs to application essays. I spent three years working at the university’s writing center, where I edited and helped students develop their essays.

I also offer valuable services as a career coach. Writing is my strength, and I have a lot of experience with resumes, cover letters, personal statements, and more. In addition, if necessary, I can provide excellent practice interviews. Although this is my first time using Upwork, I have plenty of people who will attest to my writing and editing prowess if you ask for references.

Elizabeth Y.

You’re probably checking this out because your own company is experiencing some growing pains and you want to find some answers. Time management is one of my strong suits, and I also have a tried-and-true methodology and streamlined procedures that have helped me succeed as a business leader in the modern era. A decade of experience has taught me what does and does not work in this industry. If you need help starting up a business, getting an existing one off the ground, or giving it a much-needed boost in morale and productivity, my background, skills, and insight into human nature can be an invaluable asset.

After the birth of my youngest child in 2014, I decided to start freelancing so that I could have a rare combination of time and financial freedom. I encountered many obstacles and experiences along the way. Whether they were large corporations with state and government contracts or small startups with busy CEOs or even community staples, I was there to lend a hand.

As my career in business advanced, I pursued numerous educational opportunities to expand my knowledge base. Aside from the wild hearts of my children and the squash plants in my garden, my strengths include the ability to connect with people, identify their strengths, solve problems quickly, and systematize almost anything.

Jacob G.

Within the last decade and a half, I have held a wide variety of positions within the business world. As a result of my experience in real estate sales, I now work in real estate investment, development, and project management. I have extensive experience in conceiving, developing, and introducing new businesses.

Since I knew others could benefit from my skillset and experience, I decided to start offering consulting services. Over several years, I’ve consulted for businesses of all sizes on matters ranging from business strategy and start-up development to sales and marketing, social media marketing, public relations, human resources, employee retention and recruitment, and accounting. I have helped businesses take their ideas from the drawing board to the bottom line.

Justice I.

To that end, I want to assist you in designing the optimal service for your clients. And you can do that in several ways, including by developing or updating the visual identity of your brand, or by creating a distinct tone and style in your writing.

In the last few years, I’ve collaborated with a wide variety of early-stage businesses in the wellness, complementary medicine, and consumer goods industries. My current offerings, which include brand creation, graphic/web design, and copywriting for brand identity, packaging, marketing materials, websites, and more, have their roots in my extensive experience in these areas.

Additionally, I have extensive experience working on projects for hospitality, eCommerce, technology, fashion, art, retail, and many other sectors. So, whenever I take on a new project, I make it a point to make sure it fits in with my existing body of work. To be of the most service, I must first understand the industry or topic in which I am working.

Peter L.

A young expert who thinks that there is a great need in today’s businesses for people who are honest, hardworking, and customer service-focused in addition to being self-motivated, capable, and culturally literate. Due to my experience in customer service and management roles in various fields (including education, healthcare, the food service industry, and transportation), I am confident in my ability to not only offer an objective, global perspective but also to contribute original thought to any given endeavor.


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