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Best Voice Actors in Kentucky

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Brooke P.

I have a background in music as a singer and songwriter in the Americana genre, as well as in studying the Bible and leading worship services, and teaching at the Classical Christian level. I find great joy in using song, poetry, and prose to share stories and spread the values of goodness, truth, and beauty.

Eric Z.

On top of my regular jobs, I’ve been working in the audio industry for over a decade now. When it comes to audio editing, I strive for perfection in every aspect. I have extensive experience with numerous digital audio workstations (DAWs), including but not limited to Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro. I’ve been using Pro Tools professionally for a while now, and I also have a Bachelor of Science in audio production.

I am an audio engineer and editor with a focus on podcasts. I’ve been a musician for over two decades and have a deep understanding of music theory. Because of this experience, I can compose, record, mix, and master an entire song or jingle in a relatively short amount of time.

Scott A.

Howdy, folks! Let me introduce myself; my name is Scott Azure, and I am a professional voice actor who is eager to lend his talents to your company.

I have lent my voice to a variety of commercials, movie trailers, phone IVRs, and other projects for companies like Ion Lands. My number one priority when working with clients is clear and constant communication.

I use a Sennheiser MKH 416, Focusrite Scarlett Solo, Vintech X73i Microphone Preamp & EQ, and an Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor/Limiter in my soundproof home studio to record all of my voice-over work. Then I’ll have Adobe Audition edit the audio and send you the final product in MP3, WAV, or any other format you require.

On average, I require 48 hours to complete a project, but I can get you audio in as little as 4 if necessary. I offer up to 5 rounds of revisions (not counting script alterations) on all of my deliveries. Deliveries to my clients are always on time and well-organized thanks to my hard work. While maintaining a high level of professionalism in both the audio quality and response time provided to clients.

Jonathan A.

Hello, my name is Jonathan Andrew, and I am thrilled that you have chosen to view my profile. My training includes a Master of Fine Arts in performance as well as a Bachelor of Arts in theatre, and I work professionally as a voice actor. My goal is to give you precisely what you want, which is a well-written and timely piece. I have a large vocal repertoire and can lend my voice to several different projects in the field of voice acting, such as commercials, promotions, narration, and animation. I’m eager to begin our collaboration.

Tim C.

Radio has been my career for well over two decades. Throughout that time, my focus has been primarily on Morning Talk and Sports. For 20 years, I’ve worked as a play-by-play announcer at the collegiate and high school levels. Speaking into a microphone is my passion, and I’ve done many “characters” in my time on Morning Drive. Not only have I voiced telephone messages, but I have also narrated four books written by local authors.

Due to my Parkinson’s disease diagnosis in 2014 and subsequent inability to travel for radio work, I have recently left the industry. But I can still use my voice! Although I have shaky hands, I can hold my own in conversation. Because of this, I finally decided to research voice acting after working in radio for so long. Through ACX, I create audiobooks for Audible and iTunes. My radio work has earned me several regional and statewide honors.

D. Jamie

If you need a voice actor, I’ve got you covered. The field of voiceover just seemed to call to me. My voice can sound conversational, straightforward, upbeat, urgent, fun-loving, or any combination of these. As well as acting, I am also qualified to provide voice-over services in the field of guided meditation. After studying vocal performance in college more than 15 years ago, I have found countless uses for my voice.

Coaching has helped me maintain my acting chops and I’ve been in several stage productions. My top priority is providing excellent service to every one of my clients, so I will exert maximum effort to achieve the desired tone and personality in the voiceover performance.

If you want to record a high-quality podcast or album, look no further than me; I have my very own studio and all the best gear. Because of my music training, I can compose brief pieces that work well as meditation music or as intros and outros for podcasts. I also offer audio repair services, in which I remove background noise such as clicks, hisses, and hums from recordings.

A. Susan P.

I am an organized individual who is looking for work in the fields of blog and website content writing, proofreading, voice-over work, audiobook narrations, writing honest book reviews, and penning the next best-selling book or ebook.

G. Brett

As a voice actor, my new home studio allows me to respond quickly to requests and deliver finished projects in a timely manner. Creatively versatile and cognizant of the significance of tone, nuance, and professionalism, I have a background in singing, writing, and painting and a lifelong fascination with fantastical media.


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