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Anchorage Animal Hospital

When clients require skilled, sympathetic, and individualised care for their dogs, they know to come to Anchorage Animal Hospital. Pets can get the gentle dental care, prescription diets, behavioural counselling, and grooming they need to be healthy and active at the clinic any of the six days a week.

The organisation also works with a wide variety of pet insurance providers, so you can get your pet the treatment it needs without breaking the bank. Clients can learn more about the company’s offerings on its website, and then give them a call to set up an appointment.

Animal Doctors

The skilled veterinarians and support team at Animal Doctors have a deep love of animals and work hard to provide excellent care for pets at every age. The organisation provides preventative care to keep pets healthy and happy from head to toe, including immunisations for puppies and kittens and specialist care and drugs for senior pets.

In-house x-ray services allow for prompt diagnostics, while laser therapy treats injuries and chronic pain, and nutritional counselling aids in the treatment of conditions including obesity. For eligible pets, Animal Doctors also offers boarding services.

Barbour Lane Animal Hospital

All pets are treated like family members by the compassionate staff at Barbour Lane Animal Hospital. The organisation provides a wide variety of services for pets, such as thorough cleaning and grooming, diagnostic testing, and painless euthanasia for senior pets.

House calls are made by the company to ensure that pets are healthy, happy, and up-to-date on their immunisations and exams even when their owners are unable to bring them to the clinic. Appointments can be made over the phone or through the website’s contact form.

Bardstown Road Animal Clinic

The veterinarians and staff at Bardstown Road Animal Clinic are dedicated to helping pets of all ages live long, healthy lives. A pet’s microchip can be used to help it return home if it gets lost, and professional grooming can help keep a dog or cat looking its best between visits to the groomer.

Spaying and neutering, dental care, and specialised diets are also available at the clinic to ensure that each animal receives the individualised attention it needs. The knowledgeable staff at Bardstown Road Animal Clinic is always happy to lend a helping hand with your pet’s needs.

Chenoweth Animal Hospital

For almost 30 years, Chenoweth Animal Hospital has ensured the well-being of pets in the area. Spaying and neutering, along with emergency treatments for diseases and injuries, preventative medication and examinations, and dental care to maintain clean and healthy teeth are just a few of the many services available at the clinic.

Doctors may create individualised feeding plans and administer medication to assist senior pets to live out their golden years in comfort, and newborns can receive extra attention to ensure they have the healthiest start to life.

Companion Animal Hospital

Companion Animal Hospital is a Middletown animal clinic dedicated to offering all kinds of pets the attention they need. Pets of all shapes and sizes are welcome at this facility, and they receive individualised attention from veterinarians, from routine dental treatment to advanced diagnostics, to ensure they live long healthy lives.

To ensure that animals remain healthy, strong, and happy throughout their lives, the company’s veterinarians and staff use a carefully calibrated combination of conventional and complementary medicine. First-time clients can sign up for their pets online.

Derby City Vet

The mission of Derby City Vet, a pioneering mobile animal care company, is to offer the highest standard of veterinary medicine directly to the doorstep of the customer. Clients who don’t have time to take their pets in for routine checkups or who have other commitments can take advantage of the company’s mobile veterinary services, which include heartworm testing, vaccinations, on-site x-rays, and wellness checks.

The organisation also delivers state-of-the-art laser therapy that safely cures a range of unpleasant conditions like arthritis, sprains, and skin disorders. Clients who are interested in learning more about the company’s offerings and prices can do so by calling.

Doctor Roberta Meyer, DVM

Doctor Roberta Meyer, DVM is the proprietor of Fegenbush Lane Animal Clinic and has a love for giving pets great care. The veterinarian and her staff go out of their way to make each appointment stress-free for the pets, down to providing separate waiting areas for canines and felines.

The clinic offers everything pets need, from needed immunisations to protect pups and kittens from common infections to compassionate end-of-life therapies and pain management for elderly pets. Patients can get information about the clinic’s services and make appointments over the phone.

East Louisville Animal Hospital

The East Louisville Animal Hospital provides comprehensive medical services for dogs of all ages and sizes. Wellness checkups, immunisations for puppies and kittens, individualised pain management, and compassionate end-of-life care for senior pets are just some of the services provided by the company’s kind veterinarians and technicians.

The company’s website features instructional materials to help consumers provide the best care for their pets, including exotics and horses, with concerns such as fleas, obesity, and behavioural issues.

Finchville Animal Hospital

Customers adore the compassionate staff, great service, and pleasant environment at Finchville Animal Hospital. No of the customer’s demands the clinic is equipped to give pets the treatment they need at every age, including immunisations for younger animals, specialised pain management, and 24-hour emergency care.

When pets are suffering from serious illnesses or come to the end of the journey, the clinic provides compassionate pain management and euthanasia treatments to ensure animals are comfortable at every step. New clients can get started by downloading registration paperwork from the business’s website.

Gailor Animal Hospital

At Gailor Animal Hospital, your pet will be cared for by a team of compassionate professionals that consider every patient to be a member of the family. Dental care, flea treatments, grooming, and even surgical procedures are all available at the clinic, all administered by friendly professionals with a soft spot for dogs.

They provide a convenient online pharmacy for purchasing refills, and a secure boarding facility for customers’ pets while they’re gone. Calls from interested customers can lead to additional details and appointment settings.



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