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I’m a freelance writer, editor, and transcriber. I’ve been working with the elderly for over a decade, and I’ve spent the last four of those years as an assistant and director in senior housing facilities in the Midwest and the South. When I have free time, I put together episodes of my podcast, The Squidish Podcast, and post them to my podcast blog. If you want something done, you can count on me to get it done, and the needs of your client come first. To that end, I work diligently and efficiently to meet your demands.

The University of Louisville awarded me a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature in 2018 with a concentration in Creative Writing, and my work has appeared in publications such as The White Squirrel Literary and Arts Magazine (2015 edition), Is This Up (July 2018 issue), Plainsongs Literary Magazine (winter 2020 issue), and Vermilion’s Flash Fiction #5 (2022 edition).

Editing and original writing are my forte. I have considerable experience in the roles of editor and writer. Whether it be for a living or as a hobby, I’d love to work as an editor for fiction, nonfiction, biography, transcription, or poetry.

I’m your gal if you need assistance with your creative writing, blog post, newsletter, website content, poem, novel, social media posts, CV, or resume.


To begin, hello! Hello, my name is Cat, and I would love to assist you in crafting your next article, post, or caption for any platform. Look no further if you struggle with the English language’s spelling and punctuation. I can make almost anything sound fine to a person whose first language is English. Though my expertise lies in editing and writing informal pieces,

I have experience with both nonfiction and creative writing, as well as having had poetry published, working with academic journals, and assisting with the compilation of social research. I appreciate you thinking of me for this opportunity, and I can’t wait to get started on your newest project.


In addition to having written more than 300 poems, I have extensive experience with storyboarding, editing, organizing, proofreading, and writing creative fiction, and I thoroughly enjoy the process of building a compelling and believable world for readers to explore.

My interest in language and its evolution led me to study etymology, syntax, and dialect because I wanted to know more about the words we use to define ourselves. Whenever someone is interested, I will gladly present my case for the six criteria (to me) that define a sandwich.

Among my many accomplishments are an English and a Spanish bachelor’s degree from IUS, as well as certificates in language proficiency and medical terminology, transcription, and coding. I have had several essays, articles, and poems published in regional periodicals. One of my life goals is to use the knowledge and experience I’ve gained to better convey ideas and assist others in achieving their goals and needs in the real world.


It’s great to finally meet you! Taylor here, and I can help you get any job done to your satisfaction thanks to my wide range of interests and expertise. With me on the job, you can expect high-quality results and timely delivery.

The many years I’ve spent in classrooms have equipped me with knowledge and abilities beyond the realm of education. I am an expert in a wide variety of writing-related tasks, including but not limited to blog writing, resume writing, reference letter writing, proofreading, and editing. Writing is one of my many interests and hobbies, so I am always looking for new opportunities to practice this passion.

I am most proud of my writing on such varied subjects as travel, adventure, health, wellness, rock climbing, dance, education, best practices, etc. I am confident that I can complete your projects and tasks to your satisfaction thanks to my enthusiasm and experience. Please get in touch if you’re interested in discussing how I can be of service to you in more detail.


More than 900 clients have been satisfied with my work on other platforms, where I freelanced. I am a versatile service provider and an easily adaptable writer.

I am here to help you with any of your writing projects, from research to resume editing to blog post creation to social media management to product description writing, and beyond. Because of my experience with creative writing, I can adopt almost any voice to accurately convey the message.

Freelancing requires prompt turnaround, open lines of communication, and adaptability. I want to be the unsung hero who takes your blog or nonprofit to the next level. Articles and messages that are written with emotion can make or break a sale. I want to see you succeed and accomplish all that you set out to do.

On the side, I’ve been running a successful resale shop for the past five years, and in that time I’ve made hundreds of sales. Listing and product description services are offered. I also provide SEO auditing and consulting services for businesses that conduct business online.

I’ve been helping entrepreneurs for quite some time now, and I’d be happy to offer advice on your product descriptions, websites, or profiles on Poshmark, eBay, Amazon, Mercari, and others. My goals for being here are to improve as a writer and to make useful contacts in the field. Together, let’s stay in touch and create something even better than the future you’ve imagined.



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