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Best Health Insurance Agencies In Kansas

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Aspire 65

Medicare Advantage plans from major providers like Aetna are represented by Aspire 65, an independent insurance agency. Families and individuals in Kansas City, Shawnee, and the surrounding areas are the focus of the agency’s services.

When a client is not receiving Social Security income but still requires health insurance, an agent works closely with them to find a solution. To help their customers select the optimal Medicare coverage, Aspire 65 explains the key distinctions between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement.

Benefit Services of Kansas City

Health insurance for individuals, families and small businesses is provided by Benefit Services of Kansas City. Its insurance agents have the knowledge and tools to research and compare policies to find the best possible protection for their customers.

Humana, Principal, and UnitedHealthcare are just some of the insurance companies that this broker works with. Michael V. Moulin, the current president of Benefits Services of Kansas City, has worked as an insurance professional for four decades.

Buddy Shaw

A resident of Kansas City, Buddy Shaw is an insurance agent for State Farm. Also available from Shaw are options for car, house, property, and even life insurance. He also helps customers with their requests for banking services.

More than five years have passed during which time Buddy Shaw has worked for State Farm. In addition to auto, home, life, and health insurance, State Farm also handles business, worker’s comp, disability, and pet medical insurance.

Health Insurance Cooperative Agency Inc.

Hospitals and businesses of all sizes in the Kansas City area can turn to Health Insurance Cooperative Agency Inc. for health insurance solutions. The company is dedicated to tailoring solutions to each client’s specific needs and works hard to ensure that client and company objectives are in sync.

The agency helps the client make a well-informed choice by discussing potential dangers and outlining preventative measures that can be taken. The firm has served customers for over 30 years in the insurance market.

Heartland Insurance Agency, Inc.

When you need insurance in the Kansas City area, turn to Heartland Insurance Agency, Inc., a locally owned and operated company. Medicare, disability, vision, dental, and long-term care are just some of the health insurance coverages that are offered through this company.

In addition to offering life, homeowner’s, auto, general liability, and earthquake insurance, the company also assists clients in acquiring other plans. There are many insurance companies from which to choose, including Progressive, Travelers, Aetna, and Nationwide. Ben Javaheri has been at the helm of Heartland Insurance Agency for over 20 years.

In The Game Insurance Services, Inc.

Kansas City-based health insurance broker In The Game Insurance Services, Inc. The company provides customers with a selection of dental and vision plans to meet their individual needs. Temporary health insurance and medi-share programs are also accessible.

Several insurance companies, including Safeco, Liberty Mutual, and Allied, have formed partnerships with the firm. Chris Cooper, who has worked in the insurance industry for over two decades, currently serves as the company’s leader.

Local Insurance Advisors

Those in need of health insurance advice in the Kansas City area can contact Local Insurance Advisors. Plans like Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement insurance, as well as hospital cash benefits and drug coverage, are all made available.

Major medical, dental, and vision insurance plans are also available through the firm. Local Insurance Advisors collaborate with major insurance companies to find patients the best possible medical coverage. Its employees are there to explain the Medicare system and answer any questions beneficiaries may have.

Matthew Gorman

For the better part of two decades, Matthew Gorman has worked as a Farm Bureau agent. Gorman, an insurance broker, aids Kansas City residents in receiving health coverage that is uniquely suited to their requirements. Gorman and his group offer a medical insurance plan that pays for basic healthcare costs.

Group health insurance for companies of all sizes is another service they provide. Furthermore, seniors over the age of 65 can choose from a variety of Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D plans.

Medigap Select

The Kansas City area is served by Medigap Select, an independent insurance agency. Products include Medicare Advantage Part C, Medicare Part D, Medicare Supplement plans, and dental and vision insurance for the elderly.

Paul Bennett, the company’s founder, and an insurance industry veteran recognized early on the difficulties many seniors face navigating Medicare’s systems and procedures. To better serve their health insurance requirements, he established Medigap Select.

Mitzi Ryburn

Shawnee, Kansas is home to Mitzi Ryburn, an insurance agent who primarily works with customers in the Kansas City area. As a first job, she assisted her uncle, a State Farm insurance agent of 45 years standing.

She’s been with the same company for over two decades now. Mitzi offers a variety of health insurance options for people and businesses. Her workplace is a pet- and wheelchair-friendly meeting place for clients. She is also able to make house calls.

O’Leary Health Insurance

O’Leary Health Insurance is a locally owned and operated, health insurance specialist in the Kansas City area. Matt and Amie O’Leary, a husband-and-wife insurance team, run the business. Individual policies, as well as supplemental dental and vision coverage, are just some of the health insurance options that are on the table.

They also manage insurance policies that pay for hospital stays, surgeries, medications, and other medical necessities in the event of a critical or chronic illness, accident, or prescription.

Perkins Insurance

Medicare supplement plans can be confusing, but Perkins Insurance is here to help Kansas City, MO, residents find the right one for them. The independent, family-run insurance agency offers a wide range of insurance policies to meet the needs of its customers. These policies cover everything from home healthcare to cancer treatment to funeral costs.

In the event of a beneficiary’s death, the Final Expense Program will step in to pay off any outstanding debts, such as medical or credit card bills. Its founders, Vern and Jerry Perkins have worked in the health insurance industry for more than 90 years between them.


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