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You can make a lot of money telling stories. The telling of tales has a regenerative effect. Narratives are illustrative and instructive. They are crucial to the success of businesses, communities, and political campaigns. They set a piece of writing apart from others by teaching, inspiring, and motivating their readers.

My background includes work in journalism, political communications, academic writing, teaching, editing, and copywriting for the academic, medical, entrepreneurial (gig economy, coworking, startups), and non-profit sectors, and I hold a Master of Arts in English with a concentration in editing from UpWork.

The American Academy of Family Physicians, the Arts Council of Johnson County, ArchKATect (medical B2B copywriting), Aesthetics Accelerator and Everything Coworking (business development training and mentoring), Brighton Academy (private K-12 school), and Prolepsis KC (arts nonprofit) are just a few of the organizations that have used my services in the past or currently.

My professional experience includes serving as an editor for a variety of scholarly journals and presses, as well as volunteer work with grassroots organizations on arts and mental health, healthcare and housing access, and citizen journalism initiatives.

Although my training and experience have made me exceptionally proficient in grammar, style, and technique, the story remains my primary concern whenever I write. Good writing makes the reader feel something about the subject, gives them something to strive for, and compels them to overcome their resistance to take the next step.

Every piece of persuasive writing tells some version of the company’s, product’s, or cause’s story to hook readers and convince them to stick around until the very end, whether that end is a click, a purchase, or a decision.

Curriculum and instruction are no exception. Positive learning experiences are often associated with feelings of closeness and personal investment in the material being taught. I take your desired outcomes and use them as jumping-off points when designing and writing curricula, be it a college-level syllabus or scripts for online mini-courses. As a teacher, the curriculum you choose for your class should serve as a bridge to your students and a shared narrative-building experience.

My clients have complimented me on my storytelling skills, my ability to keep their attention throughout, and my speed and professionalism in delivering finished products. Longevity in deadline-intensive settings is only part of the explanation for this extraordinary standard of performance.

It’s also because I put in the effort to learn about and relate to the stories that inspire my customers, and then use that knowledge to help them tell their stories in a way that’s authentic to them using the most effective methods of ideation, planning, communication, and technical execution.

I’d love to hear from you if you need copy that vividly conveys the history of your company and shows off your writing chops from beginning to end.

Janet L.

To say that I am proud of my family is an understatement. I am a mother, grandmother, aunt, grandaunt, sister, and cousin, all of whom I raised on my own. Not only am I a cancer survivor, but I also served in the United States Army during the Gulf War. I am a certified SAFe Scrum Master and work as an IT Special Projects Manager for the federal, state, and local governments on a contract basis.

I do my best work in terms of project coordination and management when I’m up against a tight deadline. My day job is in information technology, but in my spare time, I write, publish books, and teach English and reading. By keeping up my work in genre fiction and historical fiction, I hope to make writing my primary source of annual income.

The writing was initially a pastime of mine. After people started reading and wanting more, it became something they were truly passionate about. For far too many years, I’ve been hoarding short stories in journals, and in 2004, I started the Krystal Kracker series. That world, sealed away in a geode, is a creation of my imagination.

By writing and publishing my fantastical worlds, I allow others to escape from their own lives for a while, enjoy a glass of wine with me, and experience the joy of being transported to a different time and place. No one ever gets old or sick in my stories. In my world, I travel with dragons, ride giant birds, play horseshoes with haloes, and go back in time, so deadlines and road rage don’t exist.

Those who support and encourage me can be found all over the world in a vast network. I owe a great debt of gratitude to the people who read my work—mostly in the United States, but also in other countries. A reader of my story “The Bennington, the Badger, and the Beast” wanted me to elaborate on the beast’s origins.

In response to this reader’s suggestions, I’m currently writing a riveting work of historical fiction titled Knuckle Down. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to leave a review on Amazon; your feedback has been invaluable in helping me write the kinds of fantasy, horror, and short stories that readers want to read.



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