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Best Legal Marketing Firms in Indiana

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Those in the Fishers area are among the customers to that EverEffect provides service. This firm caters to solo and small-firm attorneys by offering advertising services. It aids in transforming them into an interesting online presence, introducing them to mobile-focused web design, and enhancing their visual content with professional video production, expertly written content, YouTube or television advertising, and so on. The company has researched internal law firm audiences to better target them. For over 11 years, EverEffect has been a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes.


Marketpath’s Indianapolis office caters to the city’s business community. Blog posts, web pages, case studies, infographics, and white papers are just some of the content types that are utilized in its marketing efforts. Its employees provide search engine optimization services to help companies improve their positions in search results on sites like Yahoo and Google. Digital strategy, application development, social media marketing, and web design are some of the other services we provide. Marketpath’s client roster includes names like Lenex, Layafette, Equiteam, and The Indiana Roof Ballroom.

Moonflower Marketing

Moonflower Marketing serves patrons in the Indianapolis area and beyond. The legal marketing services provided by the digital agency can assist both solo practitioners and law firms in expanding their clientele base via the internet. Their marketing staff handles everything from generating leads to building websites to sending out emails to selling merchandise. In addition to social media and content marketing, the team handles copywriting as well. The company’s namesake, Joe Garrison, came from a long line of legal professionals. In 2010, he launched his business.

Myrland Marketing & Social Media

To expand their clientele, law firms in Indianapolis turn to Myrland Marketing & Social Media for assistance. Their services include content marketing, social media strategy, business development, and video marketing, and they’ve been around since 2002. There’s coaching for public speaking and making podcasts, too. Nancy Myrland, a member of the International Social Marketing Association and a certified social media consultant, is the owner and CEO of the firm. She led the Legal Marketing Association’s Social & Digital Media Special Interest Group (SIG) for six years.

Ratel SEO

Lawyers and law firms in Indianapolis and its environs can get SEO services from Ratel. The agency assists attorneys who provide services such as mediation, arbitration, personal injury claims, child support, and DUI defense in promoting their practices to the public. Hyper-local content creation, hyper-local link management, hyper-local search engine optimization directories, and hyper-local legal directories are all services provided. Zentz Law, The Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez, Indianapolis Family Attorney, Strain Legal Services, and D Turner Legal are just a few of their satisfied customers.

Willow Marketing

Businesses in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas can take advantage of Willow Marketing’s online services. It provides marketing services to legal businesses with an emphasis on boosting their clientele, website traffic, search engine rankings, and sales. The firm’s employees design logos, come up with promotional plans, implement those plans with the aid of search engine optimization (SEO), customer relationship management (CRM), and social media, and conduct both qualitative and quantitative analyses and tests. For over 29 years, Willow Marketing has assisted organizations as diverse as membership-based organizations, healthcare providers, builders, and families with their marketing needs.

Law Firm Marketing Agency

It’s a no-brainer to work with our firm for all of your legal marketing needs. Over more than two decades, our company’s founder has devoted himself solely to serving the needs of law firms by way of search engine optimization. What does not work, we also know. Our methods have been tried and tested, and our customer service is top-notch. The recognition we’ve received, the longevity of our clientele, and our consistent growth all attest to our ability to achieve lasting success. We assist law firms across the United States and in a wide range of specializations.

Gladiator doesn’t hide behind vague or obfuscatory pricing or service descriptions or make excuses for their limitations. They give you the info you need, which may not be the info you want to hear, but is always accurate. Is there a reliable percentage of sellers you can trust to give you honest information? They are exceptionally rare, especially online. They are a small, specialized firm with the resources and history of a large, well-known corporation.


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