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Best Veterinarian In Idaho

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Ammon Veterinary Hospital

We at Ammon Veterinary Hospital in Ammon, Idaho recognize the importance of the pets in your life and are committed to giving them the best possible medical attention and compassionate service.

All of the following are part of our range of services and treatments Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by avoiding illness Surgery Dentistry Vaccinations Digital radiographs Microchipping Treatment for medical emergencies outside of regular business hours Boarding In addition, we have pet diets that cater to a wide range of dietary restrictions. For comprehensive veterinary treatment, contact Ammon Veterinary Hospital right away.

In 2002, Colby Burr earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University. Before relocating to Idaho, he worked as a lawyer for five years in Colorado. In 2007, he founded Ammon Veterinary Hospital, and since then, it has expanded steadily. Now that Ammon Vet has two veterinarians on staff, we can better take care of our customers’ pets.

Even as a kid, Colby B. always knew he’d work in veterinary medicine. He earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University in 2002. He spent five years as a practicing attorney in Colorado before deciding to strike out on his own. Being a lifelong fan of the Gem State, he settled on Idaho Falls as the location for his new clinic in 2007.

Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic

Since 1965, animals in the Idaho Falls, ID area have benefited from the expertise of Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic PA. We use a wide range of cutting-edge, highly effective pain control methods, including pre-emptive pain medication, multi-modal pain management, epidural injections, pain patches, pain drips, and local blocks, for animals of all ages and conditions, including those suffering from arthritis, being spayed or having been injured.

Provided Herein Are Vaccinations Treatment of Sick and Injured Animals Definitive dental care for small animals Strict diet for flying with science Controlling suffering Castration (also known as spaying or neutering) Acute treatment Dr. Nield is a native of the Magic Valley who went on to earn his medical degree from a combined program at Brigham Young University and Washington State University in 1993. To make an appointment for your pet today, please call Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic PA.

Ada Veterinary Hospital

Ada Veterinary Hospital’s staff and physicians are skilled, friendly, and compassionate people who want to make life easier for pet owners. Preventative care, general medicine and surgery, immunizations, urgent care, emergency treatment, and prescription home delivery for pets are all part of the comprehensive services offered at this veterinary clinic. When you need somewhere for your cat to stay while you’re away, Ada Veterinary Hospital has a kitty boarding hotel with two separate condominiums, daily playtime, and individualized care.

Animal Health Hospital

Since 2003, the Animal Health Hospital has given Boise and the surrounding area with affordable, high-quality veterinarian treatment. Dr. Ellen German has spent her career working in veterinary hospitals, and she created Animal Health Hospital to provide superior local care. The hospital provides several promotions and savings, as well as a cat-friendly environment where tranquilizers can be administered.

Animal Medical Center

Dr. Donna Lois Peterson had a vision for the Animal Medical Center when she opened it in 1976: to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care to their patients and the highest quality service to their owners. When Dr. Peterson left after 33 years of service in Boise, Dr. Dan Gillis took over and has since kept the mission alive. The majority of the animals treated at Animal Medical Center are tiny pets, with only 5% being horses.

Bench Animal Hospital

Bench Animal Hospital goes above and above for pet owners by providing exceptional care and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for their animals. Bench Animal Hospital, which has been open since 1952, is renowned for its humane approach to veterinary treatment, its command of veterinary science, and the exceptional quality of the care it gives to pets. As competent medical professionals, Dr. Carter Andrews and his team also excel at being kind, helpful, and supportive.

Broadway Vet

Broadway Vet’s veterinarians and staff members are devoted to the well-being of each patient. From routine exams to more extensive surgical procedures, skilled vets offer it all. In addition, veterinarians maintain an open-door policy, making themselves available to pet owners to provide advice on pet care and answer any questions they may have.

Companions Animal Hospital, LLC

Since 1994, the animal patients of Companions Animal Hospital, LLC have received comprehensive, compassionate, and specialized medical care. The staff at Companions Animal Hospital strives to provide a soothing environment for their patients by providing a spotless clinic with modern testing and surgery equipment. Dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, and guinea pigs can all receive medical, surgical, dental, and preventative treatment from their facility.

Critter Clinic

The staff at Critter Clinic treats each animal patient like a member of the family, and they prioritize delivering comprehensive, lifelong preventative care. Spay and neutering are only two of the many treatments they provide at their clinic; they also do dental work, annual checkups, operations, immunizations, behavioral consultations, and grooming.

In addition, Critter Clinic provides discounts, specials, Puppy and Kitty packs, and other packages that provide the greatest preventative care for older animals while staying within the budgets of their owners.

Eastgate Pet Clinic

Eastgate Pet Clinic offers comprehensive veterinary care, including wellness checkups, in-house laboratory testing, dental care, surgical procedures, x-rays, and vaccinations, as well as same-day service for unexpected medical issues.

Patients, whether they’re in for a checkup, grooming, or kitty boarding, have always been treated like family at Eastgate Pet Clinic, which first opened in 1986. Every aspect of veterinary treatment, from routine checkups to emergency procedures and dental cleanings, is covered by the clinic’s staff of qualified veterinarians.



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