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Jack City Fitness

Athletes of all skill levels can benefit from Jack City Fitness’s Result-Oriented Training Programs. Here at Jack City Fitness, we classify anyone working toward a health or performance goal (whether that be weight loss, muscle gain, enhanced athleticism, or the elimination of chronic back pain) as an athlete.

To help you achieve your health and fitness goals, our Boise fitness centre employs a Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Coach who are both experts in their fields. Boise-grown, family-owned and operated Health Club is ready to guide your efforts toward success, whether you’re an average Joe or an athletic pro. We have the best gym partnerships and accountability coaches in the Treasure Valley.

To begin, we were a Private Personal Training studio founded by two lifelong friends from Boise. Our strong roots in the Treasure Valley area have allowed us to focus on providing excellent service rather than expanding rapidly. After a year of assisting people in becoming healthier and happier, we outgrew our original space.

Because of our continued growth, we are now able to better assist our clients in achieving their health and fitness objectives in a second location that is 10 times larger than the original. Our rapid expansion has occurred without ever adopting a “membership” business model.

We decided to open Idaho’s only “Partnership” gym because we felt that large fitness centres lacked the resources to properly guide and hold their members accountable. Lack of Membership. Only Facts. Call us up and come see our brand-new facility if you’re serious about reaching your objectives.

My faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is foundational to everything I do and say, and I cannot begin any introduction of myself without making that clear. Being a Christian at heart has made me appreciate every moment of my life because I know that everything I do is for His glory. Because of Him, I have been able to accomplish a lot and have made a lot of new friends.

We want to revolutionise the fitness industry in the Treasure Valley, where we are co-owners of Jack City Fitness. We think our result-oriented Partnerships will bring a new perspective to fitness in Boise.


The 12,000-square-foot training facility at Jack City Fitness is the most effective gym in the city. Here in Boise, Idaho. That fitness centre belongs to Marshall Weber. Jack City Fitness has been around for a while and has a solid foundation thanks to their knowledgeable coach who gives you one-on-one attention. The gym has state-of-the-art fitness equipment and a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

Individuals often engage in physical activity to achieve a particular objective, such as reducing body fat, increasing muscle and strength, enhancing athletic performance, or relieving persistent back pain. They have a coach who knows what they’re doing and will help guide and motivate them.

Consultations with them to improve your fitness level are free of charge. They’re willing to adjust their training methods to fit your needs. Jack City Fitness takes great pride in its ability to assist its clients in reaching their health and fitness goals.

Strength and free weights, stair climbers, kettlebells, spin bikes, functional trainers, dumbbells, rowing machines, treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, and treadmills are all available, as are group and personal training sessions.


As a community, we at Planet Fitness Boise City work hard to ensure that all of our members and guests are treated with dignity and respect. The fitness centre boasts an extensive collection of cardio and strength machines, in addition to certified trainers and several different types of small group training. Anyone, from gym newbies to seasoned exercisers, can feel comfortable in their welcoming environment.

For $22.99 per month, members of the PF Black Card programme have access to all of Planet Fitness’s worldwide facilities, including tanning beds, total body enhancement equipment, hydromassage tables, and massage chairs. Fast 30-minute workouts are available from their staff. Their staff is warm and welcoming, and they have certified instructors standing by to assist you. Their philosophy is to provide an affordable, high-quality fitness experience. They offer their associates free education.

We have elliptical cross trainers, a full circuit, bench press, barbells, treadmills, squat racks, a group sauna, a hammer strength and leg press machine, a functional training area with bikes and free weights, a stretching zone, a tanning bed.


The Idaho Fitness Factory is a family-run business with the mission of providing quality fitness services to the community at reasonable rates. Because of the extensive selection of exercise machines, group classes, and individual trainers, this fitness centre is suitable for people of all fitness levels. The equipment at Idaho Fitness Factory is meticulously maintained by a staff of full-time technicians.

Members who want more one-on-one attention and instruction can take advantage of the shop’s training services provided by certified trainers. They provide one month of free access to multiple clubs. There are both showers and locker rooms available here. There’s a free kids’ lounge with toys and free towels. Many times a day, every area is sanitised at that place. The Idaho Fitness Factory is an inviting and welcoming fitness centre.

High and Hot Hula Fitness, Cross and Personal Training, Circuit Machines, Group Fitness Sessions, Dumbbells, Free Weights, Treadmills, and Yoga as well as Kettlebell Strength Training Classes.

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