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Best Courier Services in Idaho

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JD’S Haul It

JD’s Load This is your immediate and surrounding community. Discounts for the elderly, the armed forces, and students are available through our hauling, transport, and delivery service. No job is too big or too small for us to handle, from delivering groceries to demolishing and removing an unwanted outbuilding. We offer comprehensive house cleaning services. If you’ve misplaced your bags at the airport and need them delivered to you, we can help. We can remove that outdated hot tub of yours. Haul It, JD! That’s right, we’re a family-owned, independent business Removal, Transport, and Delivery Service

After assessing the market, we determined that a local hauling business was needed. It started small and has grown into what it is today.


To reduce shipping costs and increase customer satisfaction, OnTrac gives businesses an inexpensive way to expedite ground delivery.

Founded in 1991, OnTrac has the expertise to provide superior service and value in the overnight delivery market. In 2011, OnTrac celebrated its 20th anniversary of delivering excellent service. Since its inception, OnTrac has quickly earned the trust of customers across its eight-state service area by providing the industry’s finest service at the lowest possible rates, backed by a Money-Back Service Guarantee that ensures your satisfaction should any delays occur. OnTrac’s solutions are cost-effective and adapted to your company’s specific requirements. When compared to national and international carriers, we are more cost-effective because we only focus on providing excellent regional service. Plus, we pass the savings on to you.

Hot Shots

Since 1998, Hot Shots, Inc. has been a reliable source for urgent same-day deliveries. To better serve your clients, we can gain access to restricted areas of many different types of businesses, banks, hospitals, government buildings, and military bases. Envelopes, blueprints, and contracts are just some examples of small packages to large objects that we regularly transport (pallets).

Wherever you are in our service area, we promise to get your package to you the very same day. We’re a local family-owned business, allowing us to give our valued customers a personal touch with each delivery. We place a premium on being of service to our customers. Our management team has nearly fifty years of local delivery service experience.

Western Peaks Logistics

Western Peaks Logistics is here for you whether you need a regular courier, a one-time delivery service, or anything in between. Everything from massive loads across the country to tiny packages across town can be shipped with ease by our logistics firm.

While many companies schedule regular courier pickups and deliveries, others may not think to hire one until the last minute. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised (and relieved) by how quickly they receive a quote response from us after submitting a request. However, we are a logistics company, and our success depends on our ability to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

If even the thought of waiting a few minutes is too much to bear, you can always give us a ring and speak to one of the helpful humans on staff.

Besides providing precise delivery estimates, we also provide real-time tracking so you can monitor the whereabouts of your documents or package at any time. You can track the progress of your shipment in real-time.

The success of a courier service hinges on their ability to deliver packages quickly and securely, but they also need to provide excellent service to their clients. Many of our clients have commented on how pleasant their interactions with our delivery personnel have been. Our regular customers are like family to us, and many of our employees know them by name. We offer first-rate service without the accompanying premium price tag. We believe our prices to be fair and in the market.

We’ve been able to maintain such low rates in part because of our seasoned, trustworthy courier drivers. No matter if you’re in Salt Lake City, Denver, or Boise, our drivers know the best way to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. They are familiar with the area’s parking structures and regulations, and they may even know the building’s concierge or receptionist, simplifying the process.

Important documents, such as those involved in real estate transactions or legal contracts, are routinely returned to their senders by our clients. We also transport vital medical shipments, such as laboratory samples, prescriptions, medical equipment like oxygen tanks and wheelchairs, and important documents such as passports and immigration papers.

Put your trust in Western Peaks Logistics for the best courier service in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.


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