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Best Home Repair Services In Hawaii

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3 Guys Handyman

Honolulu and the surrounding areas may count on 3 Guys Handyman for home renovation services. They offer a variety of repair and installation services to facilitate home access for people who may be physically limited due to age or illness. Devices, screens, gates, and bars are all serviced by the company.

The crew also caulks, pressure cleans, removes popcorn ceilings, refaces cabinets, and seals decks. All sorts of Dow, DeWalt, Craftsman, and Andersen tools and supplies are used on the job by the 3 Guys.

ABC Handyman Hawaii

ABC Handyman Hawaii offers its Honolulu, Hawaii, customers maintenance and repair services for their homes and businesses. You can count on them for anything from interior and exterior painting and drywall repair to carpet stain cleaning and light fixture installation.

Its handymen put up mailboxes and repair wallpaper, wood floors, and acoustic ceilings, as well as install baseboard moldings and door locks. For more than a decade, the people of Hawaii have relied on ABC Handyman. Repair work for Petco, Walmart, Remington College, and Neiman Marcus has all been completed by this company’s technicians.

Handy Andy Hawaii

If you’re looking for a reliable handyman in the Honolulu area, go no further than Handy Andy Hawaii! When it comes to putting things together properly, the company’s handymen can help. Furniture, bed frames, coffee tables, storage pieces and racks, and work desks and chairs are just some of the goods they assemble.

They also do carpentry jobs including constructing shelves, cupboards, worktops, and even animal cages. Andrew Compean, a veteran, and the company’s founder launched the company that same year.

Handy Hawaii

Honolulu homeowners may rely on Handy Hawaii, a family-run firm that specializes in home repairs and renovations. Ceiling fans, doors, locks, windows, and air conditioners are just some of the commonplace household items that the company’s skilled workers can fix and install.

They also do roofing, siding, and woodwork, in addition to tearing down walls and rearranging furniture. Its professionals can set up any kind of flooring, from tiles to laminates to hardwoods. To provide its customers with affordable handyman services, the company does not add markups to the price of any of the supplies it uses.

Handy-1 Handyman Service

Homeowners in the Honolulu area have relied on Handy-1 Handyman Service for repair services since 2002. Doors, window screens, and cabinet sets are only some of the non-structural elements that its technicians carpenter. Security doors and upgraded locks are installed to aid in making the house more comfortable and secure.

In addition, the company handles minor drywall repairs including filling in holes, dents, or cracks. The proprietor, Chris Kapoi, has been a member of the Handyman Club of America for as long as anyone can remember.

JRG Handyman Services

Customers in Honolulu and the surrounding areas are JRG Handyman Services’ primary focus. It provides specialized handyman services that can be altered to suit the requirements of each given location. Renovations of any size are taken care of, from quick fixes to full tear-outs and rebuilds, and everything in between.

It sets up home theatres by putting together furniture and mounting televisions. Every room in the house (including the garage, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom) can benefit from JRG Handyman Services’ expert decluttering and organization services. It shows examples of how to revive areas.

Just-In-Time Handyman Services

Owner-operated Just-In-Time Handyman Services serves homeowners in the greater Honolulu area and its surrounding communities. Carpentry, trim work, and cabinet installation are just some of the little repairs and upgrades it can handle.

Its workers can put up TVs on walls, change out light bulbs, and set up the flooring, ventilation, and closures. With prompt service, Just-In-Time Handyman Services can fulfill customers’ requests for help with home renovation projects. In addition, it provides maintenance for standard household issues.

Kama’aina Handyman

Kama’aina Handyman provides its services to local homeowners in Honolulu and the surrounding areas. Its staff collaborates closely with customers who need quick fixes around the house. Technicians fix water heaters, replace broken outlets, and patch cracks in the drywall.

They also do modest renovations that can completely change the feel of a room. Joseph Wood, one of its handymen, has worked in the construction sector for over 20 years, during which he has worked on both renovation and new building projects.

Mr. Tinker

Mr. Tinker provides complete handyman services for residents of Honolulu and the surrounding areas. The company is family-owned and operates in the community, serving both residential and commercial clients with comprehensive property enhancement solutions.

Assembling furniture, putting up drywall, and painting are just some of the handyman tasks it offers. The staff also replaces tiles and performs routine maintenance on the decks and flooring. Our resident handyman, Mike, has been in the business for over eight years and has worked on approximately 10,000 commercial and residential projects.

Next Gen Handyman

Next Gen Handyman is a Honolulu company that also offers its services to the rest of Oahu. Their team can do just about everything you need to be done around the house, from minor electrical work to repairing walls and installing bathroom fixtures.

It also does full bathroom and kitchen overhauls. Next Gen Handyman also provides landscaping and irrigation installation for the outdoors. Creator Sonny Estilita comes from a family of handymen and has worked in the trade for over ten years.

Oahu Handyman and Landscaping

The people of Honolulu and the surrounding areas are Oahu Handyman and Landscaping’s primary focus. In addition to these, it also offers flooring, roofing, welding, and other handyman services like painting and plumbing. Carpentry, furniture assembly, drywall repairs, remodeling, tiling, and other installations are also offered by the organization.

Window cleaning, gutter clearing, trash removal, pressure washing, fencing, stair building, and shed assembly are some of the other services that can be arranged. In total, the handymen’s team has over 65 years of experience in fixing up and upgrading commercial and residential properties.

Optimus Handyman

In Honolulu, Optimus Handyman works on homes for locals. The family business takes care of household chores and little repairs. Its handymen are skilled in a variety of tasks, including decorating, maintenance, and repairs including drywall patching, flooring, fixture installation, and cabinet resurfacing.

The proprietor is involved in every job to make sure it’s done right and that the client is happy with the outcomes. In addition, its staff focuses on a single project at a time to ensure prompt completion and compliance with any homeowner-requested modifications.



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