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Best Computer Repair Companies in Hawaii

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To its customers, H Power Computing, a small computer firm that has been in business for over 25 years, has always meant dependable service. They offer comprehensive IT solutions for businesses, from simple computer repairs to the construction of bespoke DVR surveillance systems. In Honolulu, Hawaii, they are the best clean room data recovery experts. They don’t get paid if there’s no chance of data recovery.

They have a supply of high-quality computer parts and ideas just waiting to be put together in a system that suits your specific requirements. Each customer’s individual computer needs will be carefully listened to by their helpful and knowledgeable staff. They offer direct interaction between customers and service pros. Help with computers is available both in-store and on-site. Fundamental system diagnostics are provided gratis by H Power Computing.

We specialize in virus and spyware removal, security updates, software technical support, new computer setup, thorough diagnostics, memory and operating system upgrades, password recovery, Mac diagnosis, upgrades, hard drive data, laptop system installations, hardware installation, data backup, data transfer, optimization service, and PC tune-ups.


Over more than 14 years, SOHO Computer Repair has provided Honolulu with dependable computer service. They are experts in fixing computer issues like viruses, spam, and scareware, as well as in other areas like backing up data and installing Windows 7. They work hard to ensure that customers with MACs and PCs have access to quick and inexpensive repair services.

When you need computer help, you can count on their helpful technician. Services for fixing computers are offered quickly and courteously. They can also recover data from a large majority of hard drives. There is a wide selection of brand-new laptops available from SOHO Computer Repair, and all of them are reasonably priced.

Expertise areas include Mac diagnosis, upgrades, data backup, virus and spyware removal, memory and operating system upgrades, hard drive data & new computer setup, PC tune-up, hardware installation, software technical support, laptop system installations, optimization service, password recovery, data transfer, and new computer setup.


SuperGeeks is a computer service company based in Honolulu. James Kerr is responsible for establishing it. With more than 24 years under their belts, they are experts in this area. They offer services in the areas of computer maintenance, data retrieval, network assistance, and security. They’re not concerned with the cost at all, only quality.

The company’s goal is to teach other businesses how to take advantage of technological advancements. This group aids both individuals and businesses in understanding and utilizing technological advancements. Their team’s goal is to provide the best service possible, and if that means referring a client to a rival company, so be it. One of their favorite things to do is educate their customers on all of their available choices. SuperGeeks can come to you because of our mobile repair services.

Expert in all things Mac and Laptop related, including Data Backup and Recovery, Software Installation, Virus and Spyware Removal, and more, as well as PCs, Desktops, and Laptops. Perform Network Management and Troubleshooting, Total Checkup, and Maintenance, We also perform data recovery and network setup in addition to the installation of new hardware and software.

Computer Services Hawaii

If you live in Honolulu and need assistance with your computer, desktop, or printer, as well as data backup and recovery services, look no further than Computer Services Hawaii. Owners of businesses in Hawaii can make a long-term partnership with Computer Services Hawaii by using their IT services. A Microsoft-trained systems engineer handles everything. There’s also the choice of having it delivered to your door.

Cowabunga Computers

Located in Honolulu, Cowabunga Computers employs a staff of technicians who, among other things, manage IT systems for local businesses and homeowners. Customers who are interested in carrying in their broken machines for repairs can do so at the Cowabunga Computers storefront. The group’s on-site services, which aim to reduce downtime, may be of interest to small business owners.

Cyber Dorks

In addition to providing pickup and drop-off services and remote support via the internet, Cyber Dorks also provides onsite repair services to homes and businesses in the Honolulu area. As part of its custom PC service, Cyber Dorks creates brand-new computers according to the requirements of its customers.

Hawaii Tech Support

Since 2004, Hawaii Tech Support has been serving Oahu residents as their trusted IT support and computer maintenance provider. The BBB has recognized this company as providing a valuable service to the community by focusing on the needs of small businesses and helping them avoid security breaches, network outages, and other disruptions.

Additionally, Hawaii Tech Support provides prompt component repairs and/or troubleshooting to families and businesses who bring in a broken smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Business heavy hitters in the area include Avalon Group, Stott Real Estate, Legacy Consultants, and Manoa Senior Care.

Mac Made Easy Inc.

Mac Made Easy Inc. has been serving Honolulu’s iPhone and Mac users with expert technical support and repairs since opening in Kailua in 1992. Mac Made Easy, Inc. is an AASP, which means they can service Apple products under warranty. Apple-trained specialists are available for in-store and on-location service. Mac Made Easy Inc. offers training services for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users, guiding novices and intermediates through the ins and outs of using Apple products.

MacMouse Club Inc.

Rolf Nordahl, a stalwart of the Apple community, founded MacMouse Club Inc. in 1992. Since then, the company has serviced thousands of computers and, more recently, smartphones and tablets. Apple fans who have sought Mr. Nordahl’s technical assistance in the past attest to his extensive knowledge of fixing all manner of issues plaguing Macs, iPhones, and iPads.


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