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Best Advertising Agencies In Hawaii

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AdWalls is a marketing firm that has been around for more than twenty years, with customers all over the Honolulu area. Outdoor advertising is the main focus of this company, which also produces other printed and manufactured materials.

Using this method, you can make flags, banners, and other large outdoor displays to hang from the ceiling. It also produces floor displays, chandeliers, and elevator wraps. Advertisements from AdWalls can be seen on buses and other vehicles as well. Its murals can be found on the walls of airports and public buildings.

Anthology Marketing Group

With roots in Honolulu dating back to 2007, Anthology Marketing Group is an established advertising agency. The agency can help with traditional marketing strategies, such as making commercials for radio and television.

Our group also manages PR, web development, and website and email marketing. Clients of Anthology Marketing Group come from a wide range of industries, from banking and healthcare to construction and real estate.

Heinrich & Bullard Marketing

Digital marketing firm Heinrich & Bullard Marketing provides services to Honolulu-area companies. Social media marketing and targeted digital advertising are just two of the advertising options that the company provides.

Its professionals have been working together for more than 30 years to develop integrated campaigns across various channels that boost brand awareness and sales. Branding, visual design, communication strategy, and user interface design are all services that Heinrich & Bullard Marketing can provide for you.

Hoku Marketing

Located in Honolulu, Hoku Marketing is a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency dedicated to helping island businesses expand their reach. Hoku Marketing is a Shopify partner that helps local businesses with everything from coming up with an idea for their brand to designing a logo and developing SEO-friendly content.

It offers services for establishing an online shop, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media and email marketing tailored to a specific brand. Listings management, analytics, and performance reports are additional offerings from Hoku Marketing.

JPG Media

Billboard advertising is JPG Media’s forte, and they operate out of Honolulu as a full-service out-of-home advertising agency serving all of Hawaii. The company’s ads can be seen just about anywhere, from moving vehicles to billboards and grocery stores to gas stations.

It provides its customers with extensive exposure and out-of-home visibility through eye-catching advertisements of the highest quality and vibrancy. All advertisements are designed, printed, and put up by JPG Media’s sibling company, JPG Hawaii Design + Print. As of right now, they own the most billboards in the state.

Mana Means

More than 25 years ago, Mana Means began offering complete communications solutions to local Honolulu businesses. Mana Means establishes its clients’ online identities by developing websites that combine brand-specific graphic design with SEO content aimed at qualified organic traffic.

The firm conducts strategic marketing research and complements it with an efficient advertising campaign to boost its profile. Features social media ads strategically placed to maximise exposure to the company’s ideal audience.

Mix Plate Media

Mix Plate Media, a marketing firm with offices in Honolulu, assists companies in developing distinctive and memorable brands. Advertising campaigns that are created, released, and maintained by the company’s staff are aimed at attracting and retaining the client’s ideal audience.

Photography, videography, web and app design, and illustration are just some of the other tasks that are taken care of by the crew. Companies like Alternate Energy, Hawaii Human Resources, and Ace Hardware have all collaborated with Mix Plate Media.


Honolulu and the neighbouring islands have a digital marketing and advertising partner in Mix2Market. The company collaborates with its constituents to establish a distinct identity for the brand, define its marketing objectives, and build its clientele.

Its web development services incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) content tailored to a business’s sector, as well as social media marketing, PPC, and email outreach. Promotion and event management are two additional services offered. Mix2Market’s main goals are expanding their customers’ reach online and boosting their conversion rates.


MVNP is a marketing firm serving clients from its Honolulu headquarters since 1946. The company’s staff can help with all aspects of advertising, from conceptualization to execution, and that includes both digital and more traditional mediums like TV commercials, displays, and billboards. PPC advertising campaigns, social media management, and PR are also under the team’s purview. Previous MVNP customers include the First Insurance Company of Hawaii, the Four Seasons Resort, and Aloha Care.

Olomana Loomis ISC

Olomana Loomis ISC is a full-service creative agency in Honolulu that represents corporations, political campaigns, government entities, NGOs, and trade groups. The company’s advertising strategy blends classic print ads with modern radio and TV commercials.

Targeted digital advertising strategies, such as social media and search engine ads and video production, are used to increase clients’ ability to reach a larger audience. Marukai Wholesale Mart, Shriners Hospitals for Children – Honolulu, and Hawaii Gas are just a few of Olomana Loomis ISC’s partnered businesses.


OMG was established in 2013 to offer the commercial sector of Honolulu innovative strategies for marketing and public relations. The team works closely with its clients to conduct market research and competitive analysis in order to develop the most successful advertising campaigns through a variety of strategies, including but not limited to print, broadcast, and online media. Burger King, Texaco, Longs Drugs, Air Asia, and the USS Memorial/Pearl Harbor Historic Sites are just some of the many businesses that fall under OMG’s umbrella.


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