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Best Voice Actors in Florida

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David M.

Send me your raw footage and I’ll turn it into a high-quality, finished video product for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Likewise, if you need a voice actor for an upcoming TV commercial or web ad campaign, I’m available for that as well.

Many freelancers fail to realize that their primary responsibility is to keep their clients informed and involved throughout the project, not just to “meet the deadline” so they don’t get a bad review for being late. If you hire me for your next venture, I promise you won’t be let down. Do not hesitant to get in touch with me if I can be of assistance. No matter how big or small your requirements are, I can accommodate them, and the only stupid questions are the ones we don’t ask.

frank g.

Videos are made with a variety of techniques, such as interviews with the company’s spokesperson, customer reviews, and live product demonstrations. DIY video editing and voice-over studio. Over twenty years of experience in radio, television, film, e-learning, video, voice-over slo-mo, and other forms of broadcast media.

A high number of repeat customers over a long period attest to your excellent online reputation. Referees are available upon request. General Electric, CVS, Ford, Lexus, Toyota, Citrix, Expert Rating, McDonald’s, and many more are among their clientele.

Phil S.

Do you want to find the right person to speak with? I’d be honored to contribute my voice-acting skills to your project and work with you. Good results were achieved in a short time frame. I offer professional voice-over services for broadcasts, with quick turnaround and high quality. Allow me to assist you in narrating your experience. Most of the time, I can return your recording to you within a few hours. Business, Government, Healthcare, Information Technology, Promotion, Retail, Character

Trevor O.

Hello, my name is Trevor O’Hare, and I am a professional voice actor who specializes in narrating corporate videos, audiobooks, and eLearning courses. Federal Department of Transportation (FDOT), Alibaba, Patron, Georgetown University, Orange Theory Fitness, Ingenico, and many others are just a few of their notable customers.

Working with me means teaming up with a full-time, professional voice actor. I am dedicated to my work and will not rest until you are satisfied. You can count on me to be here 24/7 to provide the assistance you need to finish your projects successfully and to the best of my ability.

I am proficient in using a wide variety of voice-over techniques. I can be the voice that gets your customers to take action, whether you need a casual, conversational read or a profound, compelling narration. Whether you need an authoritative video sales letter, an animated explainer video, a whiteboard demonstration, or a professional telephony package, I’ve got you covered.

I create long-form narration for audiobooks, e-learning courses, WBT, employee training, and more, in addition to shorter works for commercial use and explainer videos. Medical, legal, corporate, technological, software, cybersecurity, employee safety, training, scientific, educational, and children’s lessons and stories are just some of the genres I’ve narrated in the past, always maintaining an approachable and natural tone.

Please get in touch with me right away so that we can get started. I’m eager to get started on our collaboration. If you need a CUSTOM AUDITION, I’m happy to provide one at no extra cost. Just drop me a line with a script you’d like me to read and I’ll attach a sample of my voice for you to listen to. Demos of my work are also available for commercial use, telephony, eLearning, long-form narration, and other purposes.

Charles G.

A person with a beautiful voice Thousands of educational training programs, video games, documentaries, audiobooks, movie trailers, radio and television commercials, and corporate presentations feature the voice of Chuck Fresh, an experienced announcer who can be heard on Sirius XM Radio. Fresh has been working on a wide range of voices, including celebrity impressions, character voices for video games and animation, as well as voices in a variety of international accents. Chuck is the world’s greatest male voice talent because he can sound like anyone from the Voice of God to the Millennial next door.

Geoffrey Thomas C.

As a rule, my day is spent helping other creators—whether they be podcasters, marketers, voice actors, audiobook authors, or anyone else—improve the quality of their work and get their stories out there. I’ve made it a highly regarded freelancer for one main reason: I enjoy my work so much.

Needs related to audio production or editing, in general, whether for a podcast or otherwise How to get the most out of your microphone and digital audio workstation, how to fix a sloppy recording, the basics of editing, getting your audio ready for publication, making your sonic branding, music, transitions, and anything else that will make your audio stand out, and anything else audio-related.


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