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Best Restaurants in Delaware

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Harry’s Savoy Grill, Wilmington, DE

This Zagat-rated restaurant is located directly on the border between Pennsylvania and Delaware, making it an excellent choice if you are visiting either state. They’ve been serving up a fantastic selection of five-star meals since the early 1990s. Harry’s is a tried and true Wilmington institution, situated unassumingly along the busy Naamans Road side streets. Every year, all of its subsidiaries, including Harry’s Seafood Grill and Harry’s Savoy Ballroom, receive local accolades and awards.

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, Newark, Wilmington, DE

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill has quickly become a local favourite, rising to the top of Newark’s TripAdvisor rating page. This fantastic, relatively new restaurant has many Delaware locations, all of which are equally delectable. The herb-encrusted, slow-roasted prime rib entrée, along with the minimalistic modern décor, makes for an excellent upscale evening at a reasonable price.

The Crooked Hammock Brewery, Lewes, DE

If you enjoy lounging, live music, craft brews, and a backyard meal, you’ll enjoy a visit to the Crooked Hammock Brewery. This laid-back brewery in Lewes, part of the La Vida Hospitality Group, provides everything you might want on a leisurely Sunday afternoon. On a Tuesday, you can even order it. The Crooked Hammock joyfully offers a wide range of community-inspired events while dishing guests’ outdoor favourites like chicken kebabs and slow-cooked short ribs.

The Charcoal Pit, Wilmington, DE

President Barack Obama may have stated that Five Guys was his favourite burger spot, but yours truly recently saw him chowing down at none other than Delaware’s famed Charcoal Pit. Nobody can fault him. Their burgers and shakes are simply out of this world, and the relaxed ambience places us right where American cuisine belongs: in a stress-free environment where good company, good conversation, and a delicious shake are all you need to have a wonderful time.

Salt Air, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Salt Air, an aptly named beachside café serving locally sourced food, brings farm-to-table dining to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Their menu is seasonal and hence subject to change, but we always find something savory and delicious here. It’s well worth making a reservation, especially if you haven’t yet experienced Delaware’s burgeoning farm-fresh trend. This is a seat at the future kitchen table of Delaware’s restaurants.

Hunan, Wilmington, DE

Hunan is a must-visit if you enjoy Asian fusion cuisine, particularly Chinese and Japanese. This Wilmington upscale restaurant has long been a favourite among residents. They serve fresh, MSG-free mainstays like crispy duck and General Tso’s chicken, but they also have their own flavour, with seasonal house specialities constantly spicing up the menu. If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, this restaurant is a fantastic choice. They feature vegan and gluten-free options, and the restaurant’s opulent appearance makes it a charming, albeit hidden, gem.

Meding’s Seafood, Milford, DE

If you’re looking for a hidden gem on your route to one of Delaware’s sandy beaches, this wayside diner should be on your list of visits. Meding’s is a neighbourhood staple that serves a lot of surf and a little bit of turf. This unusually designed eatery may easily be mistaken for a grocery shop, but the gold-encrusted windmill out front is impossible to overlook. Visitors from out of town are encouraged to try their crab daddy, a cheese-covered crab melt topped with a certified Angus burger and served with their famed French fries.

The Cultured Pearl, Rehoboth Beach, DE

The Cultured Pearl earns a well-deserved spot on our exclusive list as proof that Delaware can transition from burger to buffet to high class with the flip of a fork. A seat at this cafe is one of life’s little jewels, with breathtaking seaside views, rooftop dining, a glistening koi pond, and a sushi bar that has earned best of Delaware 20 years in a row.

Grotto Pizza, Multiple locations

When in Delaware, there’s always room for pizza, and Grotto has the secret sauce. Their pies are prepared to perfection and are finger-licking good until the last slice. Grotto has a location in almost every part of Delaware, so finding one shouldn’t be difficult no matter where you are on the map. Cheese enthusiasts should request additional cheese because this pizza is designed to highlight its rich sauce.

Ali Baba Restaurant, Newark, DE

Ali Baba Restaurant in Newark, Delaware serves Middle Eastern cuisine in a beautiful environment. In addition to the fantastic Moroccan-inspired meals, enjoy thematic amenities such as belly dancing and a hookah lounge. The atmosphere alone will pique your interest in ethnic food.

Iron Hill Brewery, Wilmington, Newark, DE

This award-winning riverfront destination is well-known not only for its beer, but also for its atmosphere, great meals, and a calendar jam-packed with family-friendly activities. If you like local brews, live music, and comfort cuisine, and you’re already on your way to the Christina Riverfront, you can’t go wrong with a seat at the now-famous Iron Hill Brewery. Their distinct architectural style is attractive to the eye, and their all-American cuisine is as comforting as a favourite from grandma’s cooking.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Wilmington, DE

This is undoubtedly Delaware’s unofficial gathering place. Its posh appearance is a Delaware neighbourhood favourite when matched with a relaxing glass of wine from behind the counter and a sizzling chunk of steak. The steakhouse Sullivan’s comes highly recommended. Their knack for creating picture-perfect entrées while maintaining a refined atmosphere has held them on the Concord Pike corner in Wilmington for decades.

Border Café, Newark, DE

If you enjoy unusually and enjoy Mexican cuisine, Newark, Delaware is the place to be. Simply travel down Christiana Road and look for the large eat sign. The famous Border Café in Newark serves authentic Mexican cuisine in a setting that looks and feels like you’re actually south of the border. The crawfish and cornbread are our recommendations.

Just Hooked, Fenwick Island, DE

Another farm-to-table favourite returns to Delaware, this time to breezy Fenwick Island, a seaside retreat worth exploring. Patrons at Just Hooked can eat fresh from the hooked fish, which is, of course, the sinker. To maximize the maritime experience, locals recommend topping it with a dollop of sea-salted coffee ice cream.

Delaware has a few delectable tricks up its sleeve when it comes to restaurants, so this list had a few close calls. Delaware’s unique culinary festival culture is also noteworthy, so seek bake-offs and chef’s specials when passing through.


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