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Best Voice Actors in Colorado

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Todd H.

I have thousands of commercial, video game, corporate, medical, and educational narrations under my belt as a professional voice actor. I have voiced commercials for a wide variety of clients, from household names like IBM and Wells Fargo to smaller establishments on Main Street like Capital One and Siemens. My dedication to providing the highest quality voice-over and customer service in the business has allowed me to earn their trust and business for a wide range of projects, both large and small. My home studio is also my place of business, so please feel free to drop by whenever it is convenient for you.

Get in touch with me right away if you need a professional, prompt, and pleasant voice actor for your upcoming venture. My voice allows me to express a wide variety of emotions and styles. Among them are the following terms: genuine, credible, down-to-earth, easygoing, sincere, trendy, corporate, approachable, expert, promotional, time-sensitive, and instructive. The range of male ages I’m cast as extends from their early twenties to their late fifties. The likes of John Krasinski, Mike Rowe, and even Kevin Bacon have been mentioned in connection with my voice.

Some of the companies who have donated to the cause are listed below: Microsoft, McAfee, Hasbro, IBM, Wells Fargo, Met life, Bosch, Golden Corral, Budweiser, SuperCuts, Vantiv, Bad Boy Mowers, NRG, McDonald’s, Vanderbilt, Anytime Fitness, Sears, SolarCity, Applebee’s, Kingsford, Kansas Lottery, Eagle Communications, Pizza Hut, and many more. Video, e-learning, explainer video, training video, internet video, television projects, educational script, on-hold messages, mobile apps (Android or iOS), radio imaging, or anything else that requires a voice-over, I will provide it.

My clients and I are a winning combination, in my opinion. After being hired, I will consider my job to be an integral part of your company, and I will strive to achieve the greatest success for it. That’s why I keep the lines of communication open and always meet deadlines. When possible, I will always aim for same-day delivery.

Tara G.

Tara has worked as a voice actor, stunt performer, and narrator in a wide variety of media, including educational and corporate videos, commercials, video games, and even yoga and meditation-themed projects. Tara will do whatever it takes to make your creative vision a reality, regardless of the project you have in mind.

Tara has been performing for over 15 years, and her experience in theatre and film translates well to voice acting. Her vocal performances, drawing on this heritage, are remarkably flexible. From a giddy youngster to a grumpy adolescent, from a frazzled mother to a chummy girlfriend catching up over coffee, human emotions run the gamut.

Tara’s voice has been described as a cross between those of Scarlett Johansson, Rachel McAdams, and Emma Stone, evoking emotions such as confidence, girl-next-door friendliness, motherly warmth, sexiness, calmness, excitement, bubbliness, drama, animation, energy, enthusiasm, professionalism, and pleasantness.

Jessica S.

My voice is clear and my accent is minimal. A friendly and approachable tone. When reading aloud, I use the right inflection and convey the right feeling to the reader. To ensure that your project’s audio is of the highest quality, I have invested in professional recording equipment. To round out the recording’s sound, I can also supply music that won’t cost you a dime in royalties. Let me know if there’s any way I can contribute to the completion of your project.

Online instruction, interactive voice response systems, and product demonstration videos are just some of the recent successes. Since I have a wide range of vocal abilities, I can adjust my tone and delivery to suit the needs of the project.

 Joseph M.

My name is Joe, and I work in the field of voice acting. I’ve been performing and giving speeches in front of audiences for over 20 years. Capable in every aspect of live performance, recording, and engineering. Can’t wait to chat with you and find out how I can help bring YOUR script to life! I am positive that I can meet the expectations of any client because of my passion for using my voice talent to spread the good word.

Do you need an older American male voice actor with a convincingly friendly, warm, compassionate, believable, smooth, trustworthy, bold, deep, neutral accent? You need not look any further. It is my goal to provide a comprehensive set of services that will allow you to bring your project’s vision to life.

I am capable of recording: -Commercials -Training narrators -Explainer videos When You’re On Hold… Advertising and radio imaging -The beginnings and endings of podcast episodes Trailers, and so much more! Your project’s voice may be the final cog in the production wheel, and I get that. I can provide polished, professional audio in a hurry. I can switch gears quickly and effectively between a fresh and energetic tone and one that is more serious, forthright, and direct. I’m eager to get started on our collaboration.


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