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Best Home Repair Services In Colorado

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Fixer – Denver

Electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, door and window repairs, TV mounting, furniture assembly, and smart home device installation are all services that may be completed in a single visit and are available on the same day. The Repairmen we employ have all passed extensive interviews, background checks, and training. We value openness, helpfulness, curiosity, and acceptance as core values in our community.

Fixer, a firm that specializes in handyman services and house repairs, is a certified B Corporation because it adheres to the highest standards of proven social and environmental performance, openness, and accountability.

There are tens of thousands of satisfied clients who have given us over 20,000 five-star ratings, making us the most reliable Denver handyman service. Try us out, and you’ll be pleased you did. No job is too menial for us to handle.

Some of the entrepreneurs that started GrubHub also started Fixer, a public benefit corporation and registered B-Corp. You’ll find that we share many of your interests and experiences as homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, parents, and workers.

In addition to offering actual, long-term job opportunities to men and women in the communities we serve, our team of 50+ (and growing) members are focused on making the home repair and maintenance process easy and stress-free.

Fixer was established in 2017 and is headquartered in Chicago. It has now expanded to serve Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, and Seattle. Additional cities will soon be added to our rapidly expanding network.

The Fixer app is not Mike’s first effort into entrepreneurship; after earning degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT, he cofounded GrubHub in 2002 and served as its CEO until 2014.

In light of GrubHub’s success and the rise of the gig economy, Mike concluded that working in the service industry full-time is “sort of a dead-end” for individuals who want to advance professionally. Fixer is my answer to the Frankenstein that is the gig economy; it’s a model that treats workers like W-2 employees and emphasizes long-term employment. Mike’s memoir, Hangry, on his career trajectory will be out in 2023.

Wade Services

Repairs, upkeep, the installation of electronic locks for children, and other home enhancements are all within the purview of a handyman’s services. We install storage and organizing solutions from companies like ELFA, Closet Maid, and IKEA, and we also clean out and organize your closets, garage, and attic. The drywall, texturing, and paint in your home will be repaired and matched by us. Our company fixes broken seals, doors, and drawers. We also hang portraits, paintings, and drapes as well as install bespoke decor.

In 2009, Wade Services LLC was founded in Dallas. In 2013, we uprooted our lives and established a thriving business in San Diego. We’ve recently relocated to the Denver area and are now able to better serve the local communities of Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Parker, Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, Denver, and the surrounding areas.

I had great success in Dallas and San Diego, where I built a clientele of over 150 regular customers (almost entirely by word of mouth), and I’m excited to start over in California. Great service, backed by years of experience, honesty, and a commitment to fairness, has been the foundation of my career’s success. These are the same qualities I seek out while making a purchase.

Almost 20 years ago, I began working in the home improvement industry. Working in the field is how I learned what I know now. I’ve collaborated with painters, carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and welders. Since I enjoy dabbling in many different areas, I was never able to master any one of them. Working with a variety of crafts has given me a mechanical understanding of how things are put together and how to do things more quickly and effectively.

Mrs. Fix-It Handyman Services

Our company is a Lakewood-based handyman business run entirely by women. We do all kinds of small-scale construction and maintenance work, including plumbing, electricity, painting, general upkeep, demolition, and transporting. Need some lightbulbs fixed or some weeds sprayed? No work is too little. You can phone us up and we’ll give you great service at a price you can afford.

Lisa has honed her handyman talents by helping us and our friends and family over the years. Plumbing, electrical work, painting, basic upkeep, demolition, hauling, and many more minor home repairs are all services we offer. Need some light bulbs replaced or some weeds sprayed? No work is too little. Get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to meet your needs at a price you can afford.

Lisa honed her handywoman abilities while assisting us and our friends, family, and coworkers. She comes from a police enforcement family. Lisa’s interest in law enforcement stems from a lifelong desire to serve people. She is carrying out her original intention by providing low-cost handyman services to anyone who needs them.

Denver’s Handyman Services

If you live in or own a business in Denver, Colorado, and need some help with a handyman project, Denver’s Handyman Services is here to assist you. Our handyman service is second to none, and our trained specialists will always arrive when promised. We’re not like other handyman services because of the care we put into every one of our projects and the excellent care we give to our customers.

We vow to get back to you as soon as possible if we miss your call because we know how difficult it can be to locate a trustworthy handyman service. Thank you for visiting Denver’s Handyman Services; if you have any questions or concerns, or would like an estimate for an impending project, please contact us by phone or email. Typically, you may expect to receive reliable price quotes within a day.

In 2015, we opened up a shop in Denver, Colorado. On the other hand, our Florida operations have been active since 2011. We’ve established a new department, Handyman Service, to streamline the application and employment processes. To get your assignment done as quickly as possible, we will work with you to schedule a convenient time. We believe that we are superior to the competition because of the special scheduling service we provide and our knowledgeable employees.

Denver’s Handyman Services was established by New Zealand native Matt Collins. The construction industry has been Matt’s career for almost 18 years.



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