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Best Gyms In Colorado

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Chuze Denver

Chuze Denver is a gym that caters to metro area residents. Weightlifting, cardio, turf, cycling, and swimming all have their own dedicated spaces. Treadmills, bicycles, dumbbells, benches, and curl bars are just some of the exercise and strength equipment you’ll find at this gym. Classes in yoga, Zumba, and team training are also available.

Members who want to work on their speed, agility, and quick thinking can do so on the turf area’s agility ladders, plyo boxes, and battle rope. At Chuze Denver, infrared saunas are great for easing tight muscles and aches. Recreational facility with exercise equipment

Club Form

The Denver metro area is home to a fitness centre called Club Form. It has state-of-the-art tools and locker rooms that are accessible at any time. It employs a staff of thirty certified fitness instructors who help members learn to use the various pieces of gym equipment and create a unique meal and exercise plans. The yoga classes at the gym are led by Romana Janoskova, a certified yoga instructor with four years of experience.

Colfax Strong Strength and Conditioning

Colfax Strong is a Denver-based fitness centre dedicated to building muscular strength and stamina. Colfax Strong focuses on strength and conditioning, while Colfax Fit is a combination of cardio and weight training.

In personal training sessions, a client’s coach designs a programme specifically for them. To aid their clients in reaching their fitness objectives, Colfax Strong also provides nutrition programmes. Competing athletes Chad and Esther Pinther opened the centre.

CrossFit LoDo

There has been a CrossFit gym called Crossfit Lodo open in Denver for a decade now. Consultations are provided so that each person’s plan can be crafted specifically for their physical condition, specific goals, and level of progress.

There are basic classes, CrossFit, Olympic lifting, and individual training sessions. The gym’s encouraging atmosphere helps members form lasting, positive routines. In addition, it has conveniences like locker rooms and showers. Ryan Anderson, the owner of CrossFit Lodo, has been a CrossFit Level 3 trainer since 2015.

Denver Barbell Club

The Denver community has access to the Denver Barbell Club gym. Joey Hoisescu and Rhianon Schuman, the two head coaches, own the gym. They are the national and level 1 coaches for weightlifting in the United States.

Olympic weightlifting techniques like the snap, clean, and jerk can be taught at the gym. Powerlifting and other forms of strength training are also available. The veterans’ programme at Denver’s Barbell Club was designed with input from actual veterans. Through its programmes, it facilitates veterans’ social reintegration.

Downtown Denver YMCA

The YMCA, located in the heart of Denver, serves as both a fitness centre and a social hub for the city and its surrounding neighbourhoods. Individuals who want to slim down, build muscle, recover from an injury, or make the move from physical therapy to life on their own can take advantage of the facility’s training services.

Personal trainers at the YMCA work with their clients to increase their functional strength. Programs for Parkinson’s patients, people who want to learn how to monitor their blood pressure, and others are just some of the health-related activities that take place here.

Endorphin City Park

Endorphin City Park is a locally owned and operated fitness centre with four locations across Colorado. It has been open for over 14 years, and its extensive class schedule includes everything from High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Cycle and Cycle Fusion classes to Boxing and Yoga and Strength and Functional Training programmes and keyless Open Gym access for its active members.

Endorphin regularly hosts community events, challenges, and technique clinics to help people of all fitness levels learn how to properly use barbells and kettlebells, thereby minimising the risk of injury while maximising strength and mastering complex movement patterns.


Customers in Denver and the surrounding area can visit The FIIT Co., a health and fitness centre. The gym offers classes that combine strength training and aerobics for a total body workout. Rowing machines, stationary bicycles, and a variant of plyometrics all make up its aerobic component.

Dumbbells and barbells, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, and suspension training are all part of the resistance routines. The FIIT Co. also provides yoga and Spin classes. The gym’s co-founders, Ned Matheson and Brad Cooley have been working in the fitness industry for over ten years.

Fitness in the City

Denver residents can use the fitness centre Fitness in the City because it caters to the local community. The fitness centre’s three studios are included in a single membership, and members have access to a wide range of exercise options and group classes.

Participants can participate in “high ride” cycle classes that combine intense cycling with choreography set to music and focused strength work. The river yoga programme at the fitness centre offers eleven distinct classes, from yin yoga to heated-power vinyasa.

Fitwall Train Smarter

There are two Fitwall Train Smarter locations in the greater Denver area. The fitness centre emphasises natural movement and body weight in its workouts to enhance clients’ mobility and general health.

There are 40-minute daily programmes for things like strength training, muscle building, and fat burning. The three pillars of training focus on the upper body, the core, and the lower body. Numerous media outlets, including Women’s Health, The Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness, and The Washington Post, have covered Fitwall.


For those in the Denver area or its surrounding communities, Full30Fit offers a variety of fitness centre options. Customers’ heart and lung function can be enhanced and strengthened through various cardio exercises.

The firm also provides MRT, HIIT, and strength training for those looking to lose weight by increasing their energy, calorie expenditure, oxygen/blood flow, and metabolic rate. The Nuvita app allows users to track their health, diet, and physique over time.

Green Door Fitness

To get in shape, you can visit Green Door Fitness, a Denver-based gym. They offer ride-and-row classes, rhythmic riding, personal training, and therapeutic massage. Equipment from TRX and SkiErg can be found here.

It is also an eco-friendly company that encourages its customers to bring their water bottles and use washable towels. Matthew Hammel, the proprietor and the trainer, is an ACE-certified trainer and massage therapist. He received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology in 2001.



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