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Best Computer Repair Companies in Arkansas

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Repair It Local

At a fraction of the price of a new device, Repair It Local fixes iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy, LG G5, and HTC One Xs. Broken screens, loose charging ports, scratched or dented back covers, liquid damage, and more are typical reasons for cell phone repairs. Computers, laptops, and Apple products like Macs and Macbooks can also be fixed by Repair It Local; the company has 25 years of experience diagnosing problems and providing affordable, effective solutions for hardware and software failures.

The proprietor’s 25 years of experience in the information technology industry led to the launch of Repair It Local. The company’s founder has expanded his business from its original roots as a PC repair shop to include mobile device sales and service and the establishment of the first commercial Internet company in the state of Arkansas. The newest location to offer convenient cell phone and computer service has opened in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Complete Computing

Providing Expertise in: – The Installation of Computer Cables and Wires – The Sale of Computers and Related Equipment – The Provision of Computer-Related Software and Services Service and Repair for Computers and Other Electronics

In the early 2000s, Complete Computing, Inc. was a humble computer shop in Little Rock’s Heights neighborhood. Complete Computing became known for its technical prowess and honest business practices almost immediately. Many of the people who have been with Complete Computing since the beginning remain valuable customers. Dan has worked in the business for over 45 years and in the technology industry for over 33.

Computer Repair Express

Services for fixing computers Xpress has served the public for more than two decades, making us an experienced and trustworthy firm known for our speed and dependability. An estimate for the cost of repairs is provided free of charge unless you choose to proceed with the work.

Unless we need to order rare components, most tasks can be completed within a day. PC and laptop virus removal is just one of the many services we offer. All manner of repairs, from rusty hinges to shattered screens. No task is beneath us. Additionally, we offer refurbished computers and laptops, all of which come with warranties.


Computer network support, IT support managed services and managed to host in addition to website design, website development, internet marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and more. iProv started as a brochure website design firm, but it quickly shifted its focus to managed web and IT services, which became its primary revenue stream.

uBreakiFix by Asurion

Asurion has rebranded its uBreakiFix service as Asurion Tech Repair. We’ve changed our name, but you still know and love the same great team and reliable service. Asurion Tech Repair® in Fayetteville, AR, focuses on fixing all kinds of electronic devices, including smartphones (including cracked screens), video game consoles, tablets, and personal computers.

We can fix your computer, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, or Google Pixel. Customers who bring their devices to Asurion Tech Repair® Fayetteville AR can rest assured that they will receive high-quality service, quick turnaround, and an affordable price. Asurion Tech Repair® is the market leader in the device repair business, having successfully serviced millions of devices at its hundreds of locations across North America.


Which IT support do we provide? Anywhere you need it—on-site, in-house, or online Repair desktops, notebooks, and servers Assemble and fine-tune electronic devices Technology for Backing Up Data Fix and set up email Purge your system of malware and tracking software Set up the computers and printers. Do the office’s networking and wireless setup.

Since our founding in 1998, we’ve helped people with all kinds of problems with their home and office networks, desktop and laptop computers, servers, and other related technology. We have answers to your questions about computers and can recommend low-cost technological solutions for your home or business. Every customer in Northwest Arkansas has easy access to Bentonville Computer Repair Store, whether they prefer on-site service or to bring their devices in for repair.

I am sensitive to the fact that the financial and personal circumstances of each customer are different when I am providing technical support. When it comes to recommending the right technology products and services to customers, I think individualized attention is crucial. My primary focus as an engineer is on understanding your needs and helping you achieve them. We will utilize them jointly to establish a secure setting tailored to your requirements.

Allied Technologies

Tech support for computers, Macs, printers, DC jacks, and wireless networks In-store, at your location, and remotely. In the years since our doors first opened in 2002, we have witnessed remarkable technological advancements, found creative solutions to challenging problems, and connected with countless inspiring individuals.

When we follow our passions, find solutions to challenges, and help others, we feel an immense sense of fulfillment. Don’t hesitate to stop by and ask for assistance from our knowledgeable staff.

Download Networking

We provide quick turnaround times and free diagnostics from our team of certified technicians. Visit us if you need help with your computer, phone, or network. We can fix broken parts, remove viruses and spyware, back up and restore data, secure your network, and upgrade your hardware.


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