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Best Voice Actors in Alaska

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Calvin W.

Constantly pushing myself to take on new challenges and grow as a person. Experienced firefighter, outdoorsman, homesteader, sea kayak guide, and plane deicer. I’m on a journey to improve my current set of abilities and acquire new ones that will help me thrive in a world that is constantly evolving and full of uncertainty.

Arthur R.

My voice is deep, authoritative, and very American. When I streamed video games on Twitch, viewers often remarked on my soothing, “smooth jazz” voice. To put it simply, I know my way around an audio editor and I have a solid background in voice acting. For an audience, I am equally at home speaking English with a standard American accent or a southern American one.

Danica B.

In search of a home-based or freelance career while currently backpacking across the United States. I have spent the better part of the last few years acting as a personal assistant (for family, friends, and nanny families) in the areas of scheduling (work, event, activity, leisure outing, and travel), organizing (scheduling), and making appointments. Not only have I assisted with the preparations leading up to a wedding, but I’ve also worked as a day-of assistant and helped create detailed schedules for the event.

I have dabbled in voice acting in the form of video voiceovers in some amateur films and audio voiceovers for some friends’ projects. Because I enjoy cooking and baking at home, I occasionally write food-related blog posts, draught recipes, and create short stories.

A. David W.

Audio engineer with over 20 years of experience in Alaska looking for a position that will allow her to work from home. I have a deep appreciation for all forms of sound, no matter how simple or intricate they may be.

My radio career began in 2000 and has included stints in both public radio and commercial radio at universities. The entire spectrum of audio production is within my wheelhouse, from recording to scripting to editing to sweetening to scoring to voicing to mixing. Recently, I’ve been focusing my own small business on audio consulting and podcast production. Although I am competent in a wide range of audio tasks, my specialty is in post-production.

Jesse H.

You’re very welcome for taking the time to view my profile. I’m new to voice acting but not to work in front of a microphone. I’ve been a host on radio, cruise ships, tour buses, and bars for over ten years. Attitude is everything, so I always go into a project with a can-do mentality and the determination to see it through to completion.

I have a wide variety of voices to offer, and I focus on narration and storytelling. A Rode NT-1 microphone and Audacity serve as my recording and editing tools of choice in my Anchorage, Alaska, home studio. Please get in touch with me so that I can assist you in realizing your next endeavor.

Lorne Cardinal (voice of Grandpa Nat)

Once the lights went up, the only thing the audience could make out was a set of legs protruding from behind a stove. Audience members giggled as the legs wiggled.

After playing the stove repairman in a college production of William Robertson Davies’s one-act play The Voice of the People, Cardinal admitted, “I got bit by the bug.” I remember vividly being on stage and feeling completely at ease. It was then that I decided acting would be my life’s work.

Cardinal is a born actor and director, but he fell into the acting world by accident. When Cardinal was 23, he decided to enroll in college after working a variety of odd jobs, such as planting trees, taking photographs, and working for a newspaper. After hearing that it was “easy credits,” he enrolled in an Introduction to Acting course his first semester.

At this point in his career, Cardinal has appeared in or directed nearly a hundred films or television shows, in addition to his extensive stage work. Cardinal has been praised for his versatility and stage presence in roles as diverse as Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Sergeant Davis Quinton in the popular Canadian sitcom Corner Gas.

Maria Pendolino

Hi! Hi, I’m Maria Pendolino, and I’m a professional voice actor who has won several awards for her work. That’s right, I’m the one you’ve been waiting for to speak up! You’ve probably heard my voice in some well-known national commercials or industries. My tone is friendly and upbeat, and my personality shines through in my voice.

My usual clientele ranges from 25 to 45, so I guess you could call me an older millennial. In my cutting-edge recording studio, I will give life to your words and ensure that your message is heard above the rest. Get in touch with me via text, email, or phone to get started on your project immediately.

Do you want to read like a famous person? I’m happy to read copy in the voices of any of the following: Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Anna Kendrick, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, and more.


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