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Best Home Repair Services In Alaska

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Alaska Home and Garden Services

Anchorage and its neighboring areas are served by Alaska Home and Garden Services, a family-run company with local roots. Electrical components such as switches and outlets, lighting, smoke alarms, door handles, and deadbolts are all serviced and/or installed as needed.

It can also fix leaky pipes, broken doors, and broken garbage disposals. It also caulks bathroom fixtures like sinks, countertops, and showers. In addition, we also do deck painting. Joseph Menchinsky, the business’s owner, has been in the home repair and maintenance industry for over 15 years.

Be Happy Property Services

Since 2011, Be Happy Property Services has been providing service to Anchorage’s commercial and residential real estate. It provides a wide range of handyman services, from addressing electrical issues to fixing up your home’s foundation or roof.

Lawn care and landscaping for commercial properties including hotels, hospitals, and parks are also services they offer. The company also does ice and snow plowing in addition to excavation and Christmas lighting. Its list of high-profile customers includes Fox News, AT&T, and Alaska Regional Hospital.

BRS Services

As a company that has served the community since 1999, BRS Services is a great example of the local economy at work. The company’s creator, Roy Seal, is an experienced handyman who specializes in residential and commercial remodeling, renovation, door and drywall repair, and general property care in the Anchorage area.

Aside from that, he also does things like paint the interior and exterior, hang TVs, assemble furniture, and change light bulbs. The seal works with his customers to create a schedule and price estimate for their handyman project that fits within their constraints.

Far North Handyman

In Anchorage, Far North Handyman is your one-stop shop for a wide range of services. Laminate flooring installations, roof maintenance, and rain gutter repairs are all examples of such tasks. The crew demolishes and rebuilds external structures including decks and porches.

In addition to gardening, it also takes care of basic electrical and plumbing issues. We also do bathroom and kitchen renovations. Drew Overly, the owner of Far North Handyman, places a premium on honesty and dependability.

Hillco Construction

Hillco Construction is an Anchorage-based general contractor offering handyman services to businesses and homeowners alike. It may handle electrical problems like blown fuses and power surges, as well as perform routine plumbing maintenance and install new windows and doors.

It also provides kitchen, bathroom, and whole-house remodeling services. The company has close ties with several Anchorage-based manufacturers and merchants, and it makes extensive use of Anchorage-based resources whenever available.

Hoffman Handyman & Repair

Customers in the Anchorage area are the focus of Hoffman Handyman & Repair’s services. The family-run company provides a variety of handyman services, such as interior and exterior painting, flooring installation, door, and window fitting, and minor electrical work, to help homeowners maintain and improve their properties.

The crew also helps homeowners with upgrading their bathrooms. The company’s founder, Timothy Hoffman, has been a handyman for over 35 years. By fixing issues promptly and attending to other concerns, he hopes to foster a sense of pride in ownership among his clientele.

Petronas Home Repair

Clientele for Petronas Home Repair comes from throughout Anchorage and the suburbs. The company’s main area of expertise is home electrical appliance repair, including things like light switches, garage doors, ceiling fans, vanity lights, and electrical plugs.

It also focuses on drains, faucets and pipes, shower heads, dishwashers, toilets, and ice machine lines, fixing and installing every one.

There is also the option of having your trash taken care of. The company offers services for the “honey-do” items on a homeowner’s list, such as electrical and plumbing fixes, as well as installation of curtains, televisions, door locks, and security boxes.


Prompt is an Anchorage-based, family-run handyman service that serves both commercial and residential clients. It does things like updating and remodeling rooms like bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens to make homes more comfortable and valuable. They repair flooring and tiling, replace tiles, and replace cracked drywall after an earthquake.

The company also does a last cleanup once a job is done to make the client feel at ease. In the event of an unexpected crisis, you can always count on Prompt. The communities of Bird Creek and Eagle River are also covered by it.

Just Dis Chick

The motto of Just Dis Chick is “No Time to Lose!” My primary objective is to help my clients achieve their goals most efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, whether they need assistance with landscaping, painting, having a shed or fence constructed, completing minor repairs around the house, walking the dog, managing their property, or cleaning their home.

Starting Just Dis Chick allowed me to pursue my lifelong goal of putting my many talents to use for the benefit of others.

Growing up a military brat, I initially discovered my passion for landscaping by helping my mother win “yard of the week” prizes at each of our duty stations. I’ve had many teachers throughout the years who have helped me develop a wide range of abilities. Those talents have served me well over the years, and I’m happy to finally put them to use today by assisting customers in and around Anchorage.

Burton Repair

Burton Repair is a full-service repair company that focuses on plumbing, heating, carpentry, and electrical services. They can address any plumbing problem, from frozen pipes and clogged drains to broken boilers and outdated light switches. Repairing homes, mobile homes, and commercial and multi-family structures are what we specialize in.

Burton Repair has been serving the Anchorage, Alaska community for 20 years and is locally owned and run. Quality service is provided by a licensed, bonded, and insured professional with years of relevant experience. Only to be used in an actual emergency on weekends.

Since 1992, Burton Repair has operated legally in the state of Alaska from its base in Anchorage. We serve Anchorage and the surrounding areas, including Eagle River, Chugiak, Palmer, Wasilla, and Girdwood, with our home repair and improvement services.



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