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Best Wedding and Event Services In Alabama

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Mariée Ami

Hello, and thank you for visiting Mariée Ami, where we make it our mission to serve our couples with all our heart and soul. Working with Nellie will be like collaborating with a trusted friend as you plan the wedding of your dreams. Since she is a top-rated Birmingham wedding planner, you can rest assured that you will have her undivided attention and assistance at every stage of the process.

Then the graphic designers at Mariée Ami will collaborate with the planners to ensure that the paper suite accurately reflects the overall design. You can use the same design for all your custom paper goods, from save-the-dates to wedding invitations. The goal of this wedding planner is to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Engaged Wedding Library

After he proposes, your first order of business is to visit the Engaged Wedding Library. Oh, I’m so thrilled — Steph understands how nerve-wracking planning the wedding of your dreams can be. Steph and her team are seasoned Birmingham wedding planners who can guide you through the planning process, assist you in finding the best vendors, and coordinate your big day.

In addition to her vendor curating services, where she also offers “Wedding Day Management” for your wedding day, she also provides a curated list of over one hundred Birmingham-area wedding vendors whom she has personally worked with and who she knows and trusts.

Becky’s Brides

Want your wedding day to feel like something out of a fairytale? Birmingham’s classic, Southern wedding planner Becky Baker of Becky’s Brides has more than ten years of experience and will make your wedding come to life in ways you can’t even imagine. Naturally, then, there are a lot of them. Becky offers comprehensive wedding planning services, such as site selection, cost estimates, vendor recommendations, contract review, and negotiation with vendors.

They will manage all of your wedding stationery, from designing the invitations to stuffing, stamping, and keeping track of your guests RSVPs. Benefit from assistance with guest accommodations, transportation, wedding day logistics, and more! If you’re getting married in Birmingham, she wants to help you plan it.

Occasions with Symone Shaw

Luxury wedding planning is a specialty at Occasions with Symone Shaw, and we will work hard to make your wedding day everything you’ve always imagined it to be. Symone and her talented team of wedding planners in Birmingham offer three different packages to meet your needs. If you prefer to take a “backseat” role while Symone and her team handle everything, the Hydrangea Package is for you.

An on-site coordinator, a detailed schedule for the ceremony and reception, and assistance with the rehearsal are all included in the Lilly Package. If you’re looking for a special package for a small ceremony and reception, look no further than the Magnolia. Limited to gatherings of 60 people or fewer (including date night) only.

Alaskan Ladies Looking for Husbands

Choose a first-rate wedding planner who is an expert in organizing and designing weddings at prestigious public venues and exclusive private estates all over the country. For over two decades, this company has worked to perfect the art of wedding planning. Everything from the initial idea and cost estimate to the final design, floor plans, and detailed timelines for the big day itself is taken care of for you.

You can trust that Anita will help you find the perfect wedding venue, floral designer, invitation designer, menu planner, caterer, photographer, and more to ensure that your big day is perfect in every way. The ultimate aim of Anita’s efforts is for you to kick back, relax, and take pleasure in the present.

AK Brides

In other words, hire a professional to organize your big day. Handley McCrory, the company’s owner, and founder launched Handley Breaux Designs in 2014. This well-known Birmingham wedding planner has, since its inception, made it its mission to provide clients like you with a comprehensive service.

The way the environment you’ve created is a true reflection of who you are in terms of how the lights, the building, the flowers, and everything else come together. Handley takes great pride in her ability to flawlessly execute any task she is assigned. Her only offering is a wedding planning package that takes care of every detail from the rehearsal dinner to the honeymoon.

Handley Breaux Designs

Plan to collaborate with a specialist offering bespoke planning services to create a celebration that is uniquely yours and your partner’s. Ann-Marie of Leveille Creative Co. offers full-scale wedding planning if you need assistance with any aspect of the process. She also provides services that are typically provided by a wedding coordinator on the big day itself.

This Birmingham wedding planner, on the other hand, calls it “wedding management,” which means acting as a collaborative partner in creating a successful event. She has been working in the wedding industry for over 15 years, and she is eager to lend her expertise to you as you plan a memorable and unique celebration.

Leveille Creative Co.

Day of With Dana will take care of all the little details so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day if you’re the DIY type. Dana only provides wedding coordination services on the day of the ceremony, reception, and rehearsal. Included in these deals are rehearsal coordination, ceremony direction, vendor management, and custom itineraries.

Dana will also make sure that all of your special event necessities, like tables, chairs, flowers, decorations, guest books, and more, are set up precisely as you’ve requested. The questions you have will be answered on Day of With Dana,

Day of With Dana

When you hire M. Elizabeth Events, Meghan hopes you will feel safe, cared for, and appreciated in your role as the bride. Meghan and her hardworking crew are genuine people who have been given the gift of a servant’s heart and a love of sharing in the joy of others’ successes.

The Birmingham wedding planner will begin the design process with the understanding that you and your wishes are unique. Meghan is a full-service wedding planner in Birmingham, so she’ll handle everything from invitations to thank-you gifts, making sure that your vision comes to life flawlessly.


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