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Best Car Rental Companies in Birmingham

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Volkswagen Financial Services Rent a Car

Renting a car should be stress-free, simple, and straightforward, with a fixed price that includes everything you require.

That’s why, at Volkswagen Financial Services, we’ve thrown out the rulebook, prioritized you, and created a service to make renting a Volkswagen Group vehicle as simple as possible. We can provide an excellent selection of vehicles, options, and insurance coverage for all of our customers, whether it is for a vacation, moving, or keeping your business running.

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There is a set price with no hidden fees.

We’ve all been there: it appears to be a good deal online, but once you factor in all the extras and surcharges, it’s no longer such a good deal.

That’s why we put the true cost upfront; the price you see is the price you pay, plain and simple – no hidden fees, no unspoken extras.

You get the vehicle you reserved.

Choose from our selection of Volkswagen Group vehicles, and we will always provide you with the vehicle that you reserved. So you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you get there.

All of those gleaming new vehicles can be picked up from our showrooms, where you can grab a coffee and let our dedicated rental experts arrange your vehicle for you.

As standard, you get low excess.

Instead of confusing jargon to get you to upgrade when you collect, our online price includes a collision damage waiver (CDW), with a low standard excess of £500 for car rental. Simple! If you want to reduce your excess even further, you can select our enhanced collision damage waiver (ECDW), which reduces it to £250 for drivers aged 25 and up.

Renting from us is easy and paperless.

We know you don’t want reams of paperwork, so we’ve simplified the process to make it paperless and simple. Our staff can email your rental agreements directly to you. They also have handheld devices that allow for a quick visual inspection with photos as proof of the vehicle’s condition at check out and in, giving you peace of mind against damage and fuel charges.

We will never try to coerce you into purchasing extras.

Many traditional vehicle rental companies incentivize their employees by offering commission on those pesky little extras that you have to pay for when you come to pick up your vehicle; we don’t.

Also, in our vehicles where Sat Nav is built in, it remains, rather than being added on as an extra at an additional cost.

Alpha Taxi Car Hire

Unlike a plug-in hybrid, the Corolla does not need to be charged overnight to get the most out of it; simply treat it like a regular gasoline vehicle and let it deal with the electrical issues on its own. Toyota installed a small electric motor to improve fuel economy or performance as needed, as well as a small battery that is charged by recapturing energy from the brakes as you slow down.

Your reserved taxi will arrive fully licensed to the appropriate local authority. We can also arrange insurance coverage for you if you meet our criteria. All vehicles are licensed by your local authority and can be delivered with full insurance coverage. Ready to work with and under any operator.

Taxi Vehicles with Plates

Our taxis are all licensed in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Solihull, and Walsall.

Vehicle Servicing

All of our Taxi plated cars have been fully serviced and are ready to go when you arrive.

Accident Assistance

Accidents happen, which is why we offer accident support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are a Birmingham-based company that strives to deliver ready-to-use taxis as quickly as possible while also providing superior customer service and assisting our customers wherever possible. Our friendly team is on hand to assist with paperwork and answer any questions at collection and return. Taxi Car Hire in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, and Solihull


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