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Best Monoculars in 2023

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A monocular magnifies only one eye, as opposed to a pair of binoculars, which magnify both. As a result, monoculars are lighter and smaller, but have the same magnification as binoculars. If you enjoy the concept but require additional magnification, check out the top spotting scopes.

Some monoculars are merely for seeing with the naked eye, while others include image-capture capabilities. Others include smartphones or camera mounts that allow you to snap photographs.

Opticron Explorer WA ED-R 8×42

If I were looking for a Monocular that had a good range, was well-made, and had Nitrogen-filled optics to keep any moisture from impeding my view, I would choose the Opticron 8×42 Explorer wide-angle monocular. It may not be the smallest optic on the market in terms of size, but what you get is a very capable optic that performs its function and will provide the user with hours of delight.

The only thing that stood out were the accessories that came with it. Despite the fact that this is an entry-level product, its own super construction is only let down by rather thin and flimsy front and rear body caps that don’t match the well-made quality of the eye cup or rubber on the focus mechanism. Again, the supplied strap and case are an added bonus for anyone who wants this; nevertheless, they are not of the highest quality but will suffice for the majority of users.

When you buy a handcrafted Leica product, you expect unrivaled build quality, as well as a dash of style and elegance – and the Monovid offering delivers on all counts.

This monocular’s sturdy yet portable aluminum housing (just 112g in weight) is nitrogen-filled to prevent internal fogging in any climate. Meanwhile, the waterproofed design allows viewers to immerse it in water to depths of nearly 5 meters. That makes the Leica Monovid 8×20 far more than merely a splash-resistant lens.

A close-up lens with an 8x magnification at distances as near as 25cm is included in the accompanying cylindrical travel case. Despite being as little as a tube of Smarties, this monocular will provide the observer with exquisite detail. Furthermore, the Monovid 8×20 is easy to use, thanks to a tough surface, 15mm eye relief, and an useful central focusing knob.

You may receive class-leading performance, but you will have to pay top dollar for it. The Leica Monovid 8×20 is significantly more expensive than factory-made devices, so you may wish to include it on your list of insured things.

Nightfox Cub

This compact and pocketable digital monocular can give night vision with a 7-stage sensitivity range as well as color viewing when out and about during the day. With a range of 150 meters, you will be able to watch birds and wildlife from a safe distance. There are also useful buttons on the top of the gadget for 3x optical magnification and 2x digital zoom.

This ensures that all of your animal sights are in focus and can be viewed clearly. Speaking of being able to see clearly, the cub is also equipped with an 8-range brightness setting within the monocular, so you won’t miss anything exciting on your travels.

This useful device will be able to record all your intriguing finds owing to onboard recording and a 32GB microSD card provided, the card slot is placed at the back of the device, just below the eyepiece, where you will also find the power compartment, which accepts one AA battery.

Gosky 12×55 High Definition Monocular

Given its modest price, you might think the Gosky 12×55 to be fragile, yet it’s an extremely tough piece of equipment. Because of the rubber armor, handling the Gosky 12×55 is a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Thanks to a BAK-4 prism and a multi-coated 55mm lens that optimizes light transmission, image quality is quite bright and clear. The monocular is also nitrogen purged to resist the elements effectively: wetness does not interfere with observations, and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy unobstructed views through the optical system.

The Gosky 12×55 differs from many others on the market in that it has a smartphone attachment, which lets you to attach your iPhone or Android phone and shoot photos of faraway subjects with good steadiness.

The smartphone mount isn’t as high-quality as the monocular, but that’s to be expected for less than $100. However, it is simple to use and does the job.

Hawke Endurance ED 8×25 monocular

The Hawke Endurance ED 8×25 is a mid-priced general-purpose monocular that weighs only 150g and is great for travel. This well-made piece of equipment has a wide-angle field of view and a good 8x magnification (if you require more magnification, the same manufacturer also has a 10x version).

The high light transmission gives bright and crisp images, while the use of ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass avoids color fringing and provides superb detail when observing a wide range of targets.

A roughened rubber-coated surface provides a more secure grip, and focusing is accomplished with one hand owing to a focus ring located right in front of the eyecup. The focuser isn’t overly stiff and gives just enough resistance to allow you to fine-tune your sights.

The Hawke Endurance ED 8×25 comes with a lens cloth, lens cover, lanyard, and carry case, making it a well-rounded product at a reasonable price.


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