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Best Camera lens Protectors for the iPhone

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Fewdew Ultra HD Camera Lens Protector

Fewdew’s lens protector comes in a range of colours, including purple, graphite, gold, and multicoloured. These screen protectors for the camera are constructed of a single unique aviation aluminium metal ring and 9H tempered glass that has been precisely cut to match the camera unit of the current iPhone 14 model (Pro and Pro Max models only). An installation tray and removal tool are included, making installation and removal of the camera lens covers a breeze.

The lens ring covers’ the ‘Night circle’ feature is said to help your iPhone 14 camera operate better in low-light situations, while also avoiding fog, bubbles, and potential blue light created by using flash.

The colour matching of these lens ring covers with the current iPhone 14 models isn’t perfect, but it’s close enough to seem cohesive, however, your phone lenses may stand out more if you choose the rainbow-esque colour gradient design.

A handy additional lens cover is included with the purchase in case of misapplication or if one of the covers becomes scratched or broken. The glass is claimed to be water-resistant, with strong self-adsorption and an oleophobic layer, and to prevent fingerprints and dust from entering the lens unit.

CloudValley Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

These CloudValley camera lens covers for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are comprised of a dual material combination of aluminium alloy and tempered glass, providing substantial protection for your camera unit as well as prevention from scratches caused by sharp objects in a bag or pocket, such as keys.

These CloudValley lens rings, arguably the most elegant camera lens protectors on the market, are available in a range of colours including Glitter Black, Standard Black, Silver, Standard Glitter, Colorful Glitter, Purple, Glitter Purple, Gold, Glitter Gold, and multi-coloured.

The camera lens rings also include a built-in black night circle, which is designed to reduce glare from flash shooting and accurately portray the HD impact of Apple-quality photographs and videos. A cleaning kit and mounting frame are also included for quick and easy bubble-free lens installation every time.

JETech Camera Lens Protector

To be sure, many of the camera lens protectors and lens covers we’ve mentioned so far in this article will do the same thing, have similar benefits and cons, and are produced in very similar ways.

To summarize, these JETech camera lens covers are made of 9H hardness tempered glass and completely cover the camera unit to provide thorough protection against scratches and abrasions on your smartphone lenses.

The 99.9% light transmittance through the tempered glass cover is intended to preserve the original image quality and resolutions while providing an ultra-clear viewing experience and no disruption to general shooting by preventing fog and blue light from a flash.

This lens covers also contain what the market appears to be called “night rings,” which are built-in black circles that surround the camera lens protectors for improved photographic functions at night or in low light circumstances.

CASETiFY Camera Lens Protector

This CASETiFY camera lens protector is new to the market and is made by one of the world’s leading phone case brands. The lens protector comes in a single pack with a cleaning kit for simple installation that includes a cloth and two wipes, one wet and one dry.

The lens protector appears to be very normal, with no branding. The camera lens cover seen above is attached to a CASETiFY case for the iPhone 14 Pro (opens in new tab) or iPhone 14 Pro Max (opens in new tab), which features the brand logo in a black border around the edge of the camera unit for enhanced protection.

Overall, this camera lens protector from CASETiFY is a little pricey, but it’s likely worth every penny because it comes from a brand that can be trusted to protect your device while also innovating new ways to do so, such as adding springs to your phone case, as is the case with its Bounce range of covers.

WSKEN Camera Lens Protector

WSKEN’s lens protection solution consists of three aluminium alloy metal 9H tempered glass camera lens protector rings that have very precise color match possibilities to the recently introduced iPhone 14 range. Drop protection, scratch resistance coatings, and shockproof materials are all provided by the strong 9H tempered glass.

These lens protectors have all of the features of previous protectors, plus vacuum coating technology and anti-residue removal to keep camera lenses clear, secure, and safe. The protectors are simple to install and align, with an installation kit included and a QR code link to an installation video.

This camera lens covers, with 99.99% optical-grade light transmittance, effectively block and filter any ultraviolet radiation while having no effect on the image quality of your iPhone camera unit. When utilizing flash, there is no residue, fog, or blue light because the tempered glass is exceptionally transparent.

iVoler Camera Lens Protector

This set of lens cover protectors features a night anti-glare coating, very clear transparency, an oleophobic layer that repels water, oil, and dust, and high-quality electrostatic adsorption technology.

With these simple lens protectors from iVoler, you can keep your smartphone’s lenses clean and clear at all times. It may appear that purchasing a camera lens protector is unnecessary, but at only $9.99 / £8.99, it’s a little thing to pay for potentially saving the life of your lenses if you drop them.

These iVoler protectors are excellent value for money, as well as an excellent first-time alternative for individuals who have never used or applied a camera lens protector before, with plenty of spares in case anything goes wrong.

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