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Best Car Rental Companies in Alberta

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National Car Rental

Choose from Free Rental Days, frequent flier miles, and hotel awards. Redeem your free days everywhere across the world.

Priority Service – When renting in Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean, you will receive quicker services.

Earn With Enterprise – Pay rent at participating Enterprise locations. Earnings from Rent-A-Car locations Days of Free Rental

and enhanced Emerald Club membership.

Emerald Warnings — Receive helpful email reminders to provide you with the rental information you require at the precise time you require it.

Drop & GoSM by Emerald Club – With easy email receipts, simply drop off your car and go (if your car has not been damaged during the rental).

Emerald Aisle Access – Select any Midsize vehicle in the Emerald Aisle Area and pay only the Midsize charge (in US and Canada).

There are no additional fees for family members or business associates that drive.

Upgrades in Europe — At participating locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, and Germany, receive a free one-car class upgrade (subject to availability at the time of rental).

Faster Free Rental Days – For every qualified automobile rental, earn one rental credit. 7 credits for a free rental day.

Special Deals – Through our seasonal newsletters, you will receive exceptional member-only discounts and offers.

The Emerald Aisle®

It’s the quickest way to rent in the United States and Canada. Choose any vehicle on the Aisle and drive away.

Checkout with EmeraldSM

At Emerald Aisle locations in the United States and Canada, you can take management to a whole new level with Emerald Checkout.

The Best Choice

Upgrade to high-end vehicles from a separate portion of the rental lot at over 70 US airports.

Emerald Reservation ServiceSM

When you require a specific automobile class – convertible, SUV, minivan, or any other suitable vehicle – you can have peace of mind.

Counter Service at Emerald ClubSM

When counter bypass is not an option, use our Counter Service to expedite your rental transaction.

Service Priority

Rent quickly in participating locations in Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an ongoing success story in the United States. Personal honesty and integrity are vital to our guiding ideals and humble beginnings. We believe in building our communities one neighbourhood at a time, treating our clients like family, and rewarding hard work. These ideas are just as true today as they were when we started in 1957.

Today, Enterprise is the largest provider of transportation solutions because to our extensive network. We hire cars and trucks, as well as offer ride-sharing and car sales. We have approximately 7,600 locations in over 85 countries. What does this entail for our clients? It means we’ll be there for you when you need us.

We participate in our community not only because it is good for business, but also because we believe in leaving the planet a better place for future generations. We are in a unique position because of our size to stimulate innovation, advance research, and test market-driven solutions.

Founder Jack Taylor chose the name Enterprise as a nod to the USS Enterprise, a WWII aircraft carrier on which he served. Today, the moniker “Enterprise” is linked with business leadership and vision.

The Enterprise narrative begins with one man’s vision. A decorated WWII Hellcat pilot returned home in 1957 after serving over the skies of the South Pacific. This man, a great inventor named Jack Taylor, was devoted to his nation, his family, and his goal of launching a business.

Jack embraced the revolutionary concept of leasing autos, with a fleet of seven cars, using skills gained in the Navy, such as the value of hard work, team spirit, and just doing the right thing.

For frequent travellers, road trippers, and those with a car in the shop, Enterprise has become a household name. We are a car rental company that is acknowledged as a global leader in the business. Employees and consumers are as important to us as family members. Today, Enterprise is a leader in automobile rental, addressing all of your mobility needs, thanks to a simple, yet a strong set of beliefs.


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