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A glimpse at the K. R. Mangalam Global School Library

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Learners have the highest probability of succeeding in schools with a robust school library program and a qualified school librarian. Making everyone feel welcome is the key to building a great school library.

What does this signify?

It entails providing a broad and varied selection of books that appeal to kids from all types of backgrounds. Every learner can pick up a book they like as per their aspirational choices. It is equally crucial for us to ensure that our library’s physical atmosphere is inclusive and diverse.

The school librarian at KRMGS – a top IB school in Delhi, provides tips to the learners on how to choose print and digital resources and learn new information on subjects that are significant to their curriculum and overall development. Every learner gets to express ideas and opinions with their friends and others in the school library. They get to share their unique experiences with the world through exchange programmes.

The school librarians demonstrate secure, child-friendly techniques that motivate every learner to improve learning as a writer and storyteller. The librarians recommend new books and learning tools to push the child’s learning limits and support their development as a learner.

They assist teachers in promoting student performance and educating learners on how to learn more effectively. Every learner in the school receives one-on-one attention from school librarians who help students develop critical thinking skills, find the tools and assistance they need to succeed in school and beyond, and further develop their creative abilities.

They are crucial collaborators for all educators, offering print and digital resources that address various requirements and work together to advance students’ progress. They have a hand in contributing to the creation of the curriculum and standing up for the educational requirements of all students and instructors.

It is crucial for students to understand how information is produced and how to fit into this new information-based society as the amount of information increases manifolds each second. A well-equipped school library assists the learners in developing their own pieces of work.

Superior Thinking Capabilities

In our classrooms, we use more than just books. Your child won’t develop a great personality by reading and studying the philosophies of great individuals alone. When your child expresses a thoughtful viewpoint, his character will grow. By allowing our pupils to express themselves with confidence, we hope to improve their thinking abilities. A personal point of view shows that the person has taken the time to critically consider. Our classes frequently feature discussions and two-way interactions between professors and students. Speaking out and expressing oneself are encouraged by every class member. Students who get this education become capable of original ideas. They are confident in their opinions and open to hearing what others say.

Enhancing Time Management

Understanding requires analysis of the significance of running time. We assist our students in managing their time well and educating them on the value of time. Time management is the key to independent study, and our students are naturally good at it. When moving on to university-level schooling, students who have mastered these abilities will be in a better position. Establishing good study habits, allocating time for assignments, learning revising strategies, and avoiding distractions.


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